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Ambagasthanne Kurukulttala Ambalama – අඹගස්තැන්න කුරුකුට්ටල අම්බලම

Ambagasthanne Kurukuttala Ambalama

The Ambagasthanne Kurukulttala Ambalama is an ancient wayside rest now lying in surrounded by paddy fields on the road to Ambagasthanne from Illukwatte close to Kadugannawa.

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Wathumulla Ketawala Ambalama – වතුමුල්ල කැටවල අම්බලම

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The Ketawala Ambalama in Wathumulla is an ancient wayside rest now lying in surrounded by paddy fields. The ambalama lies close to the Daraluwa Railway Station.

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Aluthnuwara Giruwa Ambalama – අලුත්නුවර ගිරුවා අම්බලම

Aluthnuwara Giruwa Ambalama

Giruwa Ambalama at Aluthnuwara is a historic wayside rest close to the Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devalaya in Kegalle District. site built by Queen Sunethradevi chief consort of King Parakramabahu II (A.D 1236-1276) and mother of King Bhuvanekabahu I.

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Embekke Ambalama – ඇම්බැක්කේ අම්බලම

Embekke Ambalama

Embekke Ambalama lies on the popular road to Embekke Devalaya though overlooked by many travelers. Standing on 16 carved granite pillars much of history of this Ambalama is not known.

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Morapaya Ambalama – මොරපාය අම්බලම

Morapaya Ambalama

The Morapaya Ambalama lies about 2 kms on the road to Mandaram Nuwara from Padiyapellela. Even through lying right next to the road, this Ambalama doesn’t seems to have been caught the eye of the authorities.

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Ambalanpotha Ambalama – අම්බලන්පොත අම්බලම

Base of the Ambalanpotha Ambalama

Ruins of a unique Ambalama built in a elephant infested forests long time ago. This Ambalama is built on a 8 foot high brick platform to protect the vary travelers from elephant attacks at the night.

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Ruwanwella Ambalama – රුවන්වැල්ල අම්බලම

Ruwanwella Ambalama

The Ruwanwella Ambalama lies in the center of crowded, traffic – congested Ruwanwella town close to the ancient fort. This is said to be the largest ambalama found in the county.

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Awariyawala Ambalama – ඇවරියවල අම්බලම

Awariyawala Ambalama

The Awariyawala Ambalama lies in a picturesque landscape on a flat rock adjoining a small pond and is believed to be built by king Walagamba (89-77 BC).

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Deevilla Ambalama – දීවිල්ල අම්බලම

Deevilla Ambalama

Ambalamas were built in Sri Lanka from ancient times. Geiger said that the words ‘mahavata vatussala’ found in the marble slab inscription of King Mahasen (274-301AD) meant a resting place along a major street. Deevilla Ambalama stands on 18  massive

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Daulagala Ambalama – දවුලුගල අම්බලම

Daulagala Ambalama

In 2009 artist Vasantha Perera published sketches of ambalamas seen off the beaten track.He observed that the kenimadala on the roof of the ambalama at Naranwela village, Peradeniya-Daulagala road, was in a lotus pattern. Tha Ambalama lies on the junction

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Panavitiya Ambalama – පනාවිටිය අම්බලම

Panavitiya Ambalama

The Panavitiya ambalama has been dated to the 18th century. It is believed that the ambalama may have stood as a rest hall enroute to an ancient foot path leading from Dambadeniya to Kurunegala and Yapahuwa.

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Meepe Ambalama – මීපේ අම්බලම

Meepe Keselkaduwa Temple

Meepe Ambalama, the 300 year old travellers’ rest at Meepe in Habaraduwa, has been left to the mercy of the elements without any attention being paid to it by the government or connoisseurs of ancient buildings and antiquities. The historic

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Karagahagedara Ambalama – කරගහගෙදර අම්බලම

Karagahagedara Ambalama

It was definitely going to be a rainy day. So with rain coats, umbrellas, and the like packed into our jeep we set out as usual before the light of day. The route we took was through Jaela, Ekala, Minuvangoda,

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Godamunne Ambalama – ගොඩමුන්න අම්බලම

Godamunne Ambalama Image Source : Buddhist monastic architecture in Sri Lanka: the woodland shrines

Godamunne Ambalama or the wayside rest lies in the village of Godamunne. It is said that the pillers used for this rest is from the Rajasinha II’s Castle of Hanguraketa. If so this would be the only remnants of this castle after it was burned down by the Dutch.

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Kotte Gal Ambalama – කෝට්ටේ ගල් අම්බලම

Kotte Gal Ambalama at Pitakotte Junction

The historic Gal Ambalama or travelers rest at the Pitakotte Junction which goes back to the period of Parakramabahu VI (15th century) is an one of the few to survive from the Kotte Kingdom

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Kadugannawa Ambalama ( wayside rest ) – කඩුගන්නාව අම්බලම

Kadugannawa Ambalama ( wayside rest )

Kadugannawa Ambalama is said to have build during the reign of King Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe and must have been a popular stopover for the merchants traveling on the arduous route between ancient hill capital and the lowlands

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Appallagoda Ambalama – අප්පල්ලගොඩ අම්බලම

Appallagoda Ambalama

The Appallagoda Ambalama is a traditional resting place situated in a rural environment in the village of Appallagoda, 6 kilometers from the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka.

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