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Niriella Hathbamba Ella Falls – නිරිඇල්ල හත්බඹ ඇල්ල

Niriella Hathbamba Ella in full flow

The rather unknown Hathbamba Ella waterfall lies hidden by the trees unseen from the main road. Although unknown to the general public, this is a popular bathing place for the surrounding villagers.

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St. Clair’s Minor Falls – සාන්ත ක්ලෙයාර් කුඩා ඇල්ල

Top part of the St. Clairs Minor waterfall seen from the road

About 1300 meters above the the main St. Clair’s fall and 800 meters after the newly built Upper Kothmale Dam is a second waterfall of 50 m in height called St. Clair’s Minor Falls (St. Clairs Kuda Ella).

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Monarakanda Oya Ella Fall – මොනරකන්ද ඔය ඇල්ල

Monarakanda Oya Falls

The Monerakanda Oya rushes north of the Maussakele tea estate on the southern slope of Devathagala (1805m NN). Above the Maussakele estate bungalow are the falls which is best seen when there is enough water in the steam.

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Slab Rock Falls in Horton Plains – හෝටන් තැන්න ස්ලැබ් රොක් ඇල්ල

Slab Rock Falls

The Rock Slab Falls is one of the waterfalls mentioned by Dr. Eberhard Kautzsch’s in his book “A Guide to Waterfalls of Sri Lanka” published in 1983, considered the first book published exclusively on known waterfalls of Sri Lanka.

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Kirawanagama Ellewala Ella Falls – හල්දුමුල්ල ඇල්ලේවල ඇල්ල

Kirawanagama Ellewala Ella waterfall

Ellewala Ella waterfall is an small undocumented waterfall created by a stream in the Kirawanagama area in Haldemulla. The Kirawanagama lies off Beragala and accessible through winding by roads.

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Kirawanagama Dowili Ella Falls – හල්දුමුල්ල කිරවනාගම දූවිලි ඇල්ල

Lihiniyandola Ella Falls

Kirawanagama Dowili Ella Falls is an unexplored large waterfall created by the Kosgahamankada Oya in the Kirawanagama area. The stream splits in to two at the top of the waterfall creating 2 falls which joins again at the bottom.

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Halaba Dorowana Ella Falls – හලාබ දොරොවනා ඇල්ල

Dorowana Ella Waterfall

Dorowana Ella lies hidden deep in the jungle of Uva Paranagama area in the Badulla District. The waterfall falls in 2 stages from a height of over 30 meters and splits in to 2 steams at the center.

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Colombagama Rathu Palama Ella Falls – කොලඹගම රතු පාලම ඇල්ල

Colombagama Rathu Palama Ella

The 4 meter high Rathu Palama Ella is a small but a beautiful waterfall created by the Hangamu Oya in the remote village of Combagama. The waterfall is so called due its close proximity to a old and dilapidated steel bridge with wooden planks laid across Hangamu Oya on a disused road.

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Demala Ella Falls at Wewalwatte, Ratnapura – වේවැල්වත්ත දෙමල ඇල්ල

Demala Ella Waterfall

The Demala Ella lies below Alupola Ella but there is no access road to the waterfall. You will have to walk through the jungle or you can see this waterfall on on the circular road passing Alupola Ella.

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Ganthuna Ella Waterfall – ගන්තුන ඇල්ල

Ganthuna Ella

Ganthuna Ella lies off the remote town of Ganthuna in the Kegalle District. The waterfall falls in 3 segments, and largest segment is approximately 20 meters high.

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Mulgama Seethagangula Ella Waterfall – මුල්ගම සීතගඟුල ඇල්ල

Seethagangula Ella Waterfall

The undocumented Mulgama Seethagangula Ella waterfall lies in the village of Mulgama just before Nallathanniya where the Sri Pada foot path starts. Hidden by foliage, there are 2 waterfalls within a close distance in the Seethagangula Steam about 800 meters before it falls on to the Maskeliya Reservoir.

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Hawari Oya Ella Waterfall – හවරි ඔය ඇල්ල

Hawari Oya Ella Waterfall on a rainy day

Hawari Oya is on such steam which flows from the mountains around Mandaramnuwara crossing the Mandaramnuwara Road and falling on to the Belihul Oya. The huge Hawari Oya waterfall is created on the last leg of the Hawari Oya stream just before it falls on the Belihul Oya.

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Eden Falls waterfall – ආදම් ඇල්ල

Eden Falls

Located bordering Knuckles mountain range, this waterfall which drops in 3 levels lies in a private property, a hotel run by the same name.

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Mandaramnuwara Ella II waterfall – මන්දාරම්නුවර හඳුනා නොගත් ඇල්ල II

Another undocumented waterfall in Mandaramnuwara

This undocumented waterfall can be accessed from the by road leading to the Kabaragala Estate from Mandaramnuwara road. Traveling 700 meters on this winding road, you will come to a “T” junction on a hairpin turn. Take the road to right and travel a further 450 meters until the road crosses a stream.

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Mandaramnuwara Ethiniwala Ella waterfall – මන්දාරම්නුවර ඇතිනිවල ඇල්ල

Mandaramnuwara Ethiniwala Ella waterfall

This undocumented waterfall lies in Mandaramnuwara which can be reached from Padiyapelella, the road dotted with number of waterfalls. The waterfall flows over an rock slope of about 45 degrees. Vertical height of this waterfall is about 16 meters.

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Bolthumbe Aliya Wetuna Ella Falls – බොල්තුඹේ අලියා වැටුන ඇල්ල

Bolthumbe Ella

The waterfall on the Bothumba Oya close the popular Bolthumbe Saman Devalaya is known as “Aliya Wetuna Ella” or simply “Bolthumbe Ella”. The name “Aliya Wetuna Ella” means the ‘waterfall from which a Elephant fell’ which probably refers to a past incident at the falls.

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Andahelena Ella Falls in Elpitiya – ඇල්පිටිය අඬාහැලෙන ඇල්ල

Andahelena Ella Waterfall

It is only from close range that the true beauty of the 12m Andahelena Ella Falls can be appreciated, making the difficult approach well worth the trouble. A picturesque pool forms at the top, before the water cascades downwards.

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Jeewan Ella (Deevan Ella) Falls – ජීවන් ඇල්ල (දීවන් ඇල්ල)

Meegahakivula Jeewan Ella (Deevan Ella) Falls

Height : ?? meters District : Badulla To reach this unknown Jeewan Ella (Deevan Ella) waterfall one needs to take the Ketawatta road from Meegahakivula for 2 miles and take a left turn towards Pimburaulpotha. After proceeding 500m you will

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Maduwalla Kandura Ella Falls – මඩුවල්ල කඳුර ඇල්ල

Trickling stream of Maduwalla Kandura Ella Falls

Height : ?? meters District : Badulla Maduwalla Kandura Ella Falls lies in a tributary of Loggal Oya Reservoir also called called Madu Walla Kandura in the Meegahakivula area. This waterfall is not listed in the LCWF database. Also See

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Polgahaarawa Kaluwala Falls – පොල්ගහආරාව කලුවල ඇල්ල

Polgahaarawa Kaluwala cascade — at Meegahakiula.

Nalini Ella Fall is a waterfall lying in the Namunukula Range which is so high that the water almost never reaches the bottom. There is no formal name for this fall but some locals refer to this as the Nalini Fall.

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Weebeddegedara Kandura Ella Waterfall – වීබද්දේගෙදර කඳුර ඇල්ල

Weebeddegedara kadura ella

Weebeddegedara Kandura Ella is another obscure small waterfall not known beyond the villagers. One needs to proceed toward Kalugahakadura from Meegahakivula and reach the board saying “Kalugahakadura Saranapala Maha vidayalaya” take the road to the school and you will reach this cascade.

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Godamunne Ella Waterfall – ගොඩමුන්න ඇල්ල

Godamunne Ella

Gotuwala Ella is so called due the name of the village where the waterfall lies. The famous Nine Arch Bridge lies in the village of Gotuwala ( also referred to as Gotuwela).

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Gotuwala Ella Waterfall – ගොටුවල ඇල්ල

Gotuwala Ella Waterfall

Gotuwala Ella is so called due the name of the village where the waterfall lies. The famous Nine Arch Bridge lies in the village of Gotuwala ( also referred to as Gotuwela).

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Haldummulla Ella Waterfall – හල්දුමුල්ල ඇල්ල

Haldummulla Ella Waterfall

Haldummulla Ella lies by the road passing the Haldummulla town. This is about 12-15 meters in high and falls in number of segments over a near vertical rock surface.

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Wellawaya Kaluwala Ella Falls – වැල්ලවාය කලුවල ඇල්ල

Wellawaya Kaluwala Ella

Kaluwala Ella is a small but beautiful waterfall lying in the Monaragala District close to the Wellawaya town. The natural pool on top of the waterfall is relatively safe and it’s one of the best bathing sites in the whole district.

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Kandahena Ella Waterfall – කන්දහේන ඇල්ල

Kandahena Ella Waterfall

Traveling on the Namunukula – Ranugalla road, the Kandahena Ella lies about on the Kandahena Estate. There is a road from Miyanakandura toward the estate and traveling about 2 km on the estate road you can reach this waterfall.

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Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall – කලුගල ගැරඬි ඇල්ල

Mini waterfalls between the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls at Kalugala Gerandi Ella cascades

As you travel from Kandy towards Mahiyanganaya 0n the A25 (known as the Mahiyangana Road) you can see this massive cluster of waterfalls known as the Kalugala Gerandi Ella Waterfall on the left side lying far away towards Kalugala.

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Radella Rail Bridge Waterfall – රදැල්ල දුම්රිය පාලම ඇල්ල

Radella Rail Bridge Waterfall

Just as you pass Radella railway station and walk towards Nanu Oya on the railway, you will come across cascade falling in number of segments at the top and the bottom of the bridge.

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Mandaramnuwara Kolapathana Ella Waterfall – මන්දාරම්නුවර කොළපතන ඇල්ල

Mandaramnuwara Kolapathana Ella Waterfall

Kolapathana Ella Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls hidden deep inside the jungles of Mandaram Nuwara off Hanguranketha. A 3 km hike from Mandaram Nuwara will take you to this hidden beauty falling off the slopes off Pidurutalagala

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Ekiriya Mandawala Ella Falls – ඇකිරිය මන්ඩාවල ඇල්ල

Mandawala Ella Waterfall

Mandawala Ella Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Hanguranketha area well hidden from the public lying in the village of Ekiriya.

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Galamuna Ella Falls – ගල් අමුණ ඇල්ල

Galamuna Ella Waterfall

The Galamuna Ella fall is 8m high. The name ‘Galamuna’, meaning stone face, is believed to have derived from an old stone culvert located here, said to be an irrigation project set up by ancient King Walagamba.

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Magan Ella Falls – මාගං ඇල්ල

ogimage waterfall

The 12m-high Magan Falls flows only during the wet season. It forms part of the Magan Oya (river) and serves the Mahawelli River, via the Kurundu River.

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Lihiniyandola Ella Falls – ලිහිනියන්දොළ ඇල්ල

Lihiniyandola Ella Falls

This 25m fall is borne of a stream flowing from Umagahawela, which winds through woods past the Budu Lena monastery in Lihiniyandola and along the eastern slope of the Dolabada Mountain before joining the Kosgaga River.

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Rajjuruwatta Patta Ella Fall – රජ්ජුරුවත්ත පට්ට ඇල්ල

Patta Ella Waterfall

Away from the popular roads, the the 3 meter Patta Ella waterfall lies beteween Karawita – Kalawana Road is rarely visited thus little known outside the surrounding villages.

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Delwala Ella Falls – දෙල්වල ඇල්ල

Delwala Ella Falls

Away from the popular roads, the Delwala Ella waterfall lies beteween Karawita – Kalawana Road is rarely visited thus little known outside the surrounding villages.

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Watawala Ella Falls – වටවල ඇල්ල

The lower Watawala Falls

This 40m Watawala fall is formed of three separate streams, of which the middle is the most scenic. Each stream begins at the Rambukkannde Mountain of the Uda Karavita Forest Reserve, and winds through the jungle to converge and cascade from a small rock.

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Haldola Ella Falls – හල්දොල ඇල්ල

Haldola Ella

The 7 meter high Haldola Falls lies between Thiriwanaketiya and Karawita (B421) close the Dela town. Unfortunately the water of the stream has been diverted from above and the waterfall and it totally dries up other than during heavy rains.

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Kalutara Ginigedara Ella Falls – කළුතර ගිනිගෙදර ඇල්ල

Kalutara Ginigedara Ella Falls

Cascading 14m down two protruding rock formations, the fall plunges into a dark cave – a feature that sets it apart from others. It was an unfortunate incident 50 years ago that gave the fall its name.

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Matale Balakaduwa Ella Falls – මාතලේ බලකඩුව ඇල්ල

Balakaduwa Ella Fall

The name ‘Balakaduwa‘ is said to be a command made by King Walagamba meaning “lookout for the sword.” The king had thrust his sword on the ground and gone for a dip in the waterfall. Afterwards he had left the place forgetting the sword.

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Kurunduwala Ella Falls – කුරුඳුවල ඇල්ල

Kurunduwala Ella Fall

No addtional information is available on this 14 meter high Kurunduwala Ella Falls. The location of the waterfall is based on information.

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Perumal Ella Falls – පෙරුමාල් ඇල්ල

Perumal Ella Falls

The little known Perumal Ella falls lies on the Galmal Oya stream few kilometers above the Victoria Reservoir bordering Knuckles Reserve in the Hakmana area

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Kotaganga Ella Falls – කොට ගඟ ඇල්ල

From the top of Kota Ganga Ella Falls

The Kotaganga Ella Falls (Kota Ganga Ella) is a cluster of cascading waterfalls on Knuckles Mountain Range consisting at-least 7 major segments totaling probably over 100 meters in height.

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Glen Falls – නුවරඑලිය ග්ලෙන් ඇල්ල

Glen Falls Nuwara Eliya

The river serving the Glen Falls originates from the northern side of ‘Single Tree Hill’ (with an altitude of 2070m) on the boarders of the Nuwara Eliya town.

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Dombepola Katuwel Ella Fall – කටුවැල් ඇල්ල

Katuwel Ella on Yatiyanthota - Seepoth Road

Katuwel Ella Fall lies about 700 meters before the popular Olu Ella Falls on the Yatiyanthota – See Poth Road and is approximately 6-9 meters ( 20-30 feet) in hight.

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Punugala Ella (Anda Dola Ella) Falls – පූනුගල ඇල්ල

Punugala Ella (Anda Dola Ella) Falls

The Punagala Ella located on the Yatiyanthota – Seepoth road in Punagala is also known as Anda Dola Ella Waterfall. Formed by Anda Dola stream, this waterfall falls on 3 segments and only the bottom part of the waterfall can be seen from the Punugala bridge which is built over it.

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Malalpola Ella Falls – මලල්පොල ඇල්ල

Malalpola Ella Falls

This 4 meter high Malalpola Ella lies just before Malalpola Junction on the Yatiyanthota – Seepoth Road. Travel 12 km from Yatiyanthota junction on this road and the waterfall lies just by the road on the right.

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Colombugama Napath Ella Falls – නාපත් ඇල්ල

Napath Ella waterfall

This 12m high fall initially splits in two before the segments meet in a 24m – wide crevasse, which is said to resemble a locally-used kitchen utensil known as ‘koraha’.

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Polwatta Amuran Ella Falls – පොල්වත්ත අමුරන් ඇල්ල

ogimage waterfall

Polwatta Amuran Ella waterfall is an 18 meter unconfirmed waterfall published in the official website of the Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council.

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Mahadoraliyadda Ella Falls – මහදොරලියැද්ද ඇල්ල

Mahadoraliyadda Ella Falls

Mahadoraliyadda Ella Waterfall lies 4 kms before the Victoria Dam Observation Room. The waterfall is best observed from the Bridge over edge of the reservoir.

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Hakurutale Ella Falls – හකුරුතලේ ඇල්ල

Hakurutale Ella Watefall

Hakurutale lies on the Mahaweli Raja Mawatha which starts from Kandy and connects to the Mahiyangana Bibile Road. The Hakurutale Ella waterfall lies adjoining this road before the access road to Victoria Power Station.

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