Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological Site – ඇකිරියන්කුඹුර ඇඳගල නටබුණ්

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The first pond at Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological Site
The first pond at Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological Site

Hidden in the jungles at Ekiriyakumbura ( on Padiyathalawa – Bible road) close to the Ekiriyankumbura Reservoir    lies what is believed to be pleasure garden complex of a regional king  in ancient past which is now known as Endagala Ruins.

There is no historical records or research done on these ruins which has never been cleared or conserved but considering the spread of the ruins, this must have been a garden of royals where ruins of a palace complex is found 4 1/2 km away from here.

As you enter the site, there is a large rock with 8 steps finely carved in to the rock. At the bottom of the steps is a unique moonstone carved in to the rock with two levels. The moonstone is plain and lacks any designs. On one side of the moonstone a foot of a bird enclosed in the square is carved on the rock surface.

At the top of the stairs lies a exquisitely carved pond on the flat rock bed. 3 steps are carved to get in to the pond. A ledge has been cut all around the pond at half height making a comfortable seat for those bathing in the pond. Bottom edge of the pond have been decorated with fine edges carved from the rock. A small hole at the bottom has been made to drain the water out of the pool.Lying at the top of a lonely rock how this pond received water is a mystery to be resolved. Fortunately this pool is well preserved and has not been targeted by treasure hunters.

Traveling little further in the jungle you come to a stream where a large number of stone pillars can be seen scattered across. Travelling little further you come across a more grandeur pond, larger than the first built on the ground using granite slabs. Unfortunately this pond has not escaped the treasure hunters and the bottom has been ruthlessly ripped apart looking for hidden treasures.

Close by these two ponds are the 3rd important artifact of the site, the bed carved out of a rock protected by a cave. The bed is approx. 10′ x 4′ x 1′ and is preserved well from the elements of nature and treasure hunters. But the same cannot be said to the rock carved head pillow, which has been blown to pieces by the treasure hunters.

To access the site you need to travel 16.5 km on the Padiyathalawa Road from Bibile to reach Ekiriyankumbura. From here turn towards the Ekiriyankumbura Reservoir and travel approximately 3 km on this road and pass the reservoir bund. Since the path to the ruins from the road is not clear, you may need some guidance from a local villager.

photo and information by the curtsey of Dr. Ashan Geeganage

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Map of Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological  Site

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Travel Directions to Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological  Site

Route from Bibile to Ekiriyankumbura Endagala Archaeological  Site

Through : Padiyathalawa Road
Distance : 20 km
Travel time :30 minutes + hike
Driving directions : see on google map

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