Tampita Vihara Heritage of Sri Lanka – ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පුරාණ ටැම්පිට විහාර​

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Kanugala Sri Pushparama Tampita Viharaya

Kanugala Sri Pushparama Tampita Viharaya

Tampita Viharaya (Temple on Pillars, Devapita Viharaya, Devamatha Viharaya)  is a distinctly unique type of image house found in some Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. Although there are some proof  older structures these buildings were a popular aspect of many Buddhist temples during the 17th-19th centuries. There are more than two hundred Tempita Viharas have been identified in Sri Lanka to date. Most of the shrines are found in North Western, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Western provinces.

A Tampita Viharaya is built on a wooden platform which rests on number of stone stumps usually 3-4 feet tall. The roof is held by a structure built of timber and the walls are generally made of wattle and daub. Generally you would find Buddha statues and statues of deities made of timber or limestone inside.  The inner walls are completely painted in frescos using sceneries from Jataka stories or Buddhas life.

Although such structures were built as Buddhist image houses, later the same structures has been built and Devales to worship various daites.

The basic structure of the Tampita Viharaya has also evolved in to various forms over time with tampita viharaya being built on a very high pillars with a ground floor being used as a Banamaduwa or Digge being connected to the viharaya.

001Aluthdivulwewa Purana Tampita Viharayapossible locationNorth CentralAnuradhapuraThis temple is listed in the "Sri Lankawe Tampita Vihara" book by Kusumsiri Wijayawardhana. No further information is available. 
002Ambareli Tampita Rajamaha ViharayayesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraSaid to be the tallest Tampita Viharaya in the country
003Habarana Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya YesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraLies 600 meters on the Maradankadawala Road from Habarana Junction.
004Koranaka Sandagala Tampita Viharaya, KorasagallaYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraKorasagalla is an ancient village on the Thalawa road few kilometers away from Kakirawa.
005Mahadivulwewa Ancient Tampita ViharayaYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraA rather neglected Tampita Viharaya hidden away deep in the remote Mahadivulwewa in the vicinity of Mahadivulwewa Reservoir
006Mahakumbukgollewa Sri Dalada Viharaya, MedawachchiyaYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraMahakumbukgollewa is an ancient village between Medawachchiya and Vavuniya.
007Namalpura Sri Vishuddharama Tampita Viharaya (Madawala Tampita Viharaya)YesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraAn ancient temple with a Tampita Viharaya belonging to Kandyan Era under protection of Department of Archaeology in the remote village of Namalpura
008Navodagama Archaeological ReserveYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraRuins of an ancient Tampita Viharaya. Only granite pillars exists.
009Oyamaduwa Archaeological ReserveYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraRuins of an ancient Tampita Viharaya. Only granite pillars exists.
010Rambewa Kadahatha Tampita ViharayaApproximateNorth CentralAnuradhapuraSituated within the Grama Niladhari Division Diviya Udabandawewa Thulana, in Rambewa Divisional Secretary Division.
011Sri Wanasinhe Rajamaha Viharaya, GalkiriyagamaYesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraThe Department of Archaeology had declared the drip-ledged caves, old Stupa and Tampita Vihara (on stone piles) buildings as protected monuments in 2011
012Sujatharama Viharaya, PuhulewewaNoNorth CentralAnuradhapuraThe Tampita Viharaya and the ancient stone pathway wall in Horowpothana Divisional Secretary Division has been declared as protected monuments in 2011
013Veheragala Siri Sangabo Rajamaha ViharayayesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraThe Department of Archaeology has conserved number of ruins at the site including an ancient stupa and an pillar inscription.
014Weragama Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya (Diya Bubule Pansala)yesNorth CentralAnuradhapuraAccording to legend, this temple has been built during the time of Mihindu Maha Rahath Thero and has been renovated by 4 kings of different eras.
015Mabotuwana Sri Sumanarama Purana Wilgamu Rajamaha ViharayayesSouthernGalleThe only known Tampita Viharaya in Galle district. Well maintained.
016Atupothdeniya Pothgul Rajamaha ViharayaYesWesternGampahaAccording to folklore this temple has been in existence since the period of king Walagamba (89-77 BC).
017Ganewatta Purana Rajamaha ViharayaNoWesternGampahaA Tampita viharaya built in the 19th century. This temple lies in Divulapitiya on the ancient route from Kandy to Negombo. The temple has been so named since this has been built and used by “Ganainnawanase”, people who spent semi-ordained lives.
018Girisiri Darshanarama Purana Tampita Viharaya, BauwiitaYesWesternGampahaA Tampita Viharaya built by Deva Pathiraja Senevi during the reign of king Parakramabahu II (1244 -1279) of Dambadeniya kingdom.
019Keragala Padmavathi Rajamaha ViharayaYesWesternGampahaOne of the most popular seat of learning of the ancient Kotte Kingdom.  Establishment of the temple is attributed to king Vijayabahu IV (1270-1272) of Dambadeniya kingdom. Only the pillars remain today.
020Kshethrarama Purana Tampita Viharaya, HapuwalanaYesWesternGampahaThis Tampita Viharaya has been built in the 1800’s and lies facing a paddy field.
021Metikotamulla Sadharma Thilakarama Purana ViharayaYesWesternGampahaAn ancient Tampita Viharaya hidden away away in Gampaha district which also has been declared as a protected archaeological monument.
022Mirigama Purana Tampita ViharayaYesWesternGampahaOnly source of information is Google Maps. No photos exists. Needs further confirmation. GPS location is at 7.2510541, 80.136981.
023Samanabedda Rajamaha Viharaya, HanwellaYesWesternGampahaThe Tampita Viharaya has been completely demolished in a renovation carried out in 1920. GPS location 6.914988, 80.073936
024Danthure Rajamaha ViharayayesCentralKandyThe ground floor of the viharaya is used as the “Bana Maduwa” or a preaching hall. The upper floor is a image house with a seated image of Buddha.
025Medawala Rajamaha ViharayayesCentralKandyThe oldest Tampita Viharaya in existence. Built during king Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe in 1755.
026Minimarupitiya Tampita Viharayaapproximate areaCentralKandylies at a place called Minimarupitiya in Eladetta about seven miles from Kandy on the road to Dalugala.
027Suriyagoda Rajamaha ViharayayesCentralKandyThis Tampita Viharaya is built on nine wooden pillars on which wooden cross beams run to support the shrine room.
028Aluthnuwara Dedimunda Devalaya, MawanellayesSabaragamuwaKegalle
029Asmadala Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleUnfortunately the granite stumps of this Tampita Viharaya cannot be seen today since they have been buried in concrete, probably a attempt to keep the Tampita Viharaya intact after falling to despair.
030Burunnewa Sri Nagarukkarama Tampita Viharaya, WarakapolayesSabaragamuwaKegalleAn ancient temple hidden away in middle of picturesque paddy fields between Ambepussa and Nelumdeniya.
031Jeewana Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleAn ancient temple hidden away in middle of picturesque paddy fields in Devalegama area off Kegalle.
032Lewangama Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya at Lewangama is tiny compared to other such structures and is placed at the center of Bana Madua making it part of this structure.
033Madiliya Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya lies between Aranayake and Hemmathagama.
034Mawela Malwathu Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleLies hidden away just few hundred meters away from Ganethenna Junction on Kandy Road in Kegalle District.
035Medagoda Pattini DevalayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleBuilt by Sitawaka Rajasinghe (1581 – 1591) this structure is dedicated to deity Pattini
036Menikkadawara Tampita Rajamaha ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya of the Menikkadawara Rajamaha Viharaya lies on 14 granite stumps.
037Nawagamuwa Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya lies quite close to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage,
038Nilwakka Sri Bodhirukkarama Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya is built on a wooden platform built on 6 granite stumps. A wooden balustrade is build around the image house on the platform.
039Podape Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya lies between Aranayake and Bulathkohupitiya in the Kegalle.
040Polambegoda Sri Sudarshanarma Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThis ancient Tampita Viharaya has been preserved in 1982 and lately in 2014.
041Ranwala Purana Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalleThe Tampita Viharaya is attributed to king Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe’s period (1747 – 1781) and retains the sculptures and paintings of the Kandyan period.
042Walpola Sri Vijayasundararamaya Tampita ViharayayesSabaragamuwaKegalle
043Dalukgolla Sri Purwarama Rajamaha ViharayayesNorth WesternKurunegalaThe temple lies about 6 km from Nikaweratiya towards Yapahuwa on the B326 Road.
044Dorabawila Sri Sugatharamaya Rajamaha ViharayayesNorth WesternKurunegalaUnusually high Tampita Viharaya with the granite pillars rising for 5 feet on top of a 2 feet foundation.
045Hulugalla Tampita ViharayayesNorth WesternKurunegalaThe Tampita Viharaya of the Hulugalla temple is a wooden structure built on 16 granite pillars.
046Kanugala Sri Pushparama Purana Tampita ViharayayesNorth WesternKurunegalahe Tampita Viharaya is built on a wooden platform on six large granite stumps.
047Kolambagama Miyugunarama Rajamaha ViharayayesNorth WesternKurunegalaThis Tampita Viharaya is built using 23 boulders of different sizes placed to keep the four wooden bases in place.
048Sri Swarna Bimbarama Viharaya, KotuwewattayesNorth WesternKurunegalaAppears in Wikipidia. Has been protected as an archaeological monument by the Gazette published on 27 July 2001. Link points to Usgala Swarnabimbarama Viharaya which might be the same
049Makulatenna Raja Maha ViharayayesCentralMatale
050Thalakiriyawa Purana Tampita ViharayayesCentralMataleA tiny tampita viharaya neglected with time, one horizontal beam is now supported by a stack of clay tiles.
051Kotasara Piyangala Raja Maha ViharayayesUvaMonaragalaLies in Bibile. The Tampita viharaya and the ancient Bhikku dwelling have been declared as protected monuments.
052Niyamgamdora Rajamaha ViharayayesCentralNuwara EliyaThe Pattini Devalaya of this temple has been built on a Tampita Structure.
053Pusulpitiya Rajamaha Viharaya, KotmaleyesCentralNuwara Eliya
054Elugala Rajamaha Viharaya, BalangodayesSabaragamuwaRatnapuraalso known as Pinnawala Sri Pushparama Purana Tampita Rajamaha Viharaya.
055Maduwanwela Mudalinalage AramayayesSabaragamuwaRatnapuraHas been built by the famous Maduwanwela Dissawe and lies close to his mansion in Maduwanwela.
056Nedun Rajamaha Viharaya, KiriellayesSabaragamuwaRatnapuraTampita Viharaya has been built completely in Nadun timber. Structure not seen today. The current structure possibly built around the original Tampita Viharaya.
057Pelmadulla Rajamaha ViharayayesSabaragamuwaRatnapura
058Walalgoda Purana Tempita Viharaya, EmbilipitiyayesSabaragamuwaRatnapuraAn large two storied Tampita Viharaya built on 16 wooden pillars.
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