Kalutara Bodhiya [2] – කලුතර බෝධිය

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Kalutara Bodhi
Kalutara Bodhi

primary root main first article The famous Kalutara Bodhiya and pagoda are located by the side of Kalu river, in a clam and quite environment , at the northern entrance of Kalutara city. The Bo tree of Kalutara is one of the living relics of past slender, remains from dating over 2300 years, belongs to the 2nd generation sapling of Sri Maha Bo tree in Anuradapura. On Accounts of the Mahabodhivamsa chronicle, the Bo-tree planted in Maha Jallika Grama is recognized as the Kaluthara Bo tree.

This site possesses a great religious attraction and many devotees from every part of the island visit and worships the the place. The fascinating Kalutara beach, the magnet of the inbound tourist attraction of the area, is very close to this site. Many other tourist attractions such as Kalido beach, star grade hotels are also in the vicinity of this place.

The special attraction to visitor of the site is its huge shrine built inside of the pagoda. Devotees can go to inside of wimalathe pagoda and worship the shine.

Kaluthara Bodhiya is located at Kalutara in Colombo-Galle Road 43 kilo meters away from Colombo. One could easily reach this site by bus, taking a Colombo Kalutara , Colombo Galle bus and getting down at Kalutara city.

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