Kunchikulama Hanging Bridge : En Route to Mannar – මන්නාරම කුංචිකුලම එල්ලෙන පාලම (සංගිලි පාලම)

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Kunchikulam Hanging Bridge

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Photo by Roshan Christy

Close to the turn off to the Madu Church, lies and old hanging bridge across the Malwathu Oya in the area of Kunchikulama.  The bridge is over 100 meters along and held by two strong cables with wooden planks laid across. Such bridges are called Hanging Bridges or Suspension Bridges. In Sinhala they are called Sangili Palama or Ellena Palama.

This tourist attraction can be reached by taking the road to the left 1.5 km before the road to Madu Church when traveling from Medawachchiya. There is a small bill board just before this road showing the directions to the hanging bridge.

Kunchikulam Steel Arch Bridge

Kunchikulam Steel Arch Bridge
Photo by Dasun Tharanga

Traveling 800 meters on this road you will come across an ancient disused Steel Arch Bridge built across Yoda Ela. A new Sapaththu Palama has been built 40 meters down the Yoda Ela to cross this stream. Another 600 meters passing the new bridge will bring you to the Hanging Bridge.

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Map of Kunchikulam Hanging Bridge


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Travel Directions to Kunchikulam Hanging Bridge

Route from Medawachchiya to Kunchikulam Hanging Bridge

Through : Mannar Road
Distance :47 km
Travel time : 45 – 60 mins
Time to spend : 30  mins
Driving directions : see on google map

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