Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Spring – මුතුගල්වෙල / ගුරුකුඹුර උනුදිය උල්පත

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Mutugalwela lies inside the Maduru Oya National Park on the boarders of the Maha Oya – Padiyathalawa – Mahiyangana Road. This rural village is populated by the Dambana aborigines but lies deep inside the jungles of Maduru Oya  about 15 km away from Dambana.

According to aborigines, there has been two springs in the area of  Mutugalwela which had been a guaranteed water supply to this rural village. One spring called kurutiyavinna has been gone under the waters of Kirawanagalkanda reservoir when it was built. The second spring has has been inside the Maduru Oya National Park which is now not accessible to the villagers.

Other than this, no further information is available on the this Hot Spring.

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Map of Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Spring

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Route to Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Spring

Route from Mahiyanganaya to Mutugalwela / Gurukumbura Hot Spring ( Upto Mutugalwela )

Though : Dambana Road ( It is not known if it is possible enter Maduru Oya National Park from this village)
distance :32 km
Travel time : 45 mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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