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Yaka Andu Ella Falls ( Yaka Handu Ella) – යකා ඇඬූ ඇල්ල ( යකා හැඬූ ඇල්ල )

yaka hedu ella — at Sripada Temple, Adam's Peak.

Height : 60 metres District : Rathnapura This 60 meter “Yaka Andu Ella” ( Yaka Handu Ella)  fall is one of many falls in the Sri Pada range and can be seen above the Japanese Peace Pagoda in Sri Pada

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Ehelapola Wella and Ehelapola Wewa – ඇහැලපොල වැව හා වේල්ල

A serene Buduruwagala tank against the backdrop of rocky jungle

In Quest of Ehelapola’s Exploits… III Ehelapola Maha Adikaram too had the prowess like the ancient kings who ruled in Rajarata, Maya and Ruhunu Rata, to harness streams to divert the waters to feed the large tracts of rice fields,

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Batathota Lena [2] – Is This The Site Of Divaguhawa?

Makara Thorana of the Polonnaruwa Period

It was my kind of day. We had just survived a pre historic adventure into the lost world of Batadomba Lena and now we were to make it to the Batathota cave, in the same area. But unlike the former, the latter

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Batathota Lena Cave Temple – බටතොට ලෙන විහාරය

Batathota Lena Cave Temple

The Batathota Lena (Batatota Lena) Cave temple which had been neglected in a dense jungle has now become famous as one of the religious sites. It is also held in high esteem by the Buddhist community in Sri Lanka.

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