Biso Pokuna At Galabedda (ගලේබැද්ද බිසෝ පොකුණ)

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The remains of a palace complex lie at the village of Galabedde (Galebedda), 10.5 km from Monaragala on the Pottuvil road. This includes an interesting sluice gate pond, moats, ramparts and the remains of a palace thought to be of a local princess Sugala Devi dating from the 12th century A.D.

The pool of the princess in the palace garden is one of the masterpieces of ancient Sinhala architecture. The pool is made out of solid rock with four water inlets from four sides. The water flows in the pond through the mouth of the mythical creature, ‘Makara’.

On one side of the pool lies an attractively carved toilet stone probably found among the ruins

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Travelling Directions To Biso Pokuna At Galabedda

If travelling through Monaragala, continue on the Pothuvil Road for approx. 10.5 km. A board set up by the Provincial Ministry of Tourism pinpointed the exact place. This is located between the 264th and 265th km posts. The site is reachable by walking about 100 meters across a paddy field.

Route from Colombo to Galabedda through Monaragala Route from Monaragala to Galabedda
Though : Ratnapura – Palmadulla – Tanamalwila Wellawaya
Distance : 275 km
Travel time : 4-5 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Distance : 11 km
Travel time : 10mins
Driving directions : see on google map


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