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Kande Ela Forest Park – කන්දේ ඇල වනෝද්‍යානය

Entrance to the Kande Ela Forest Park

Driving past the picturesque road to Horton Plains from Nuwara Eliya, just has you pass Kande Ela reservoir you will come across the Kande Ela Forest Park (aka Kande Ela Forest Garden), an forested area developed for education purposes by the Department of Forest Conservation.

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Kokilai Lagoon Sanctuary – කෝකිලායි අභය භූමිය

Birds of Kokilai Santuary

Kokkilai Lagoon is partly surrounded by mangrove swamps and sea grass beds. The surrounding area includes cultivated land, scrub and open forests. Numerous varieties of water and wader birds are found in the sanctuary including cormorants, ducks, egrets, flamingoes, herons, ibis, pelicans and storks.

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Nilgala Conservation Forest Area – නිල්ගල වනාන්තරය

Nilagala Rock

Nilgala Forest which is lowland tropical dry mixed evergreen forest lies on the boarders of the Senanayake Samuraya covering area which the Gal Oya River falls in to the reservoir.

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Weheragala Reservoir and Archeological Ruins – වෙහෙරගල වැව හා පුරා විද්‍යා ස්මාරක

Veheragala Reservoir @ Lunuamvehera National Park

The Weheragala Reservoir was built in 2009 by damming the Menik Ganga at Weheragala to store and divert the excess water of Menik Ganga to Lunugamvehera Reservoir to supplement the water collected from Kirindi Oya.

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Whale watching in Sri Lanka

A Blue Whale diving in the waters off Sri Lanka

While the world was counting whales elsewhere a small population of whales around Sri Lanka, was growing unseen and unchecked by everybody due to the 30 years of old terrorist war.

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Bird Paradise in Talangama Wetlands Surrounding the Lake – තලංගම තෙත්බිම

White-breasted Waterhen (Amaurornis phoenicurus) @ Talangama Wetlands

Talangama Lake and Surrounding Wetlands, on the outskirts of Colombo, is bordered by motorable roads, which makes access easy for wildlife enthusiasts. The complex of ponds, canals and paddy fields make it a rich and varied wetland site.

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Hiyare Reservoir Rainforest and Biodiversity Research Center – ගාල්ල හියාරේ රක්ෂිතය

Hiyare Reservoir and and the Sanctuary

Hiyare is a secondary lowland rain forest with a high diversity and endemism of species. There are 12 species of dragonflies and 3 butterfly species endemic to this area.

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Eth Athuru Sevana – The First Elephant Transit Home in Asia – උඩවලව ඇත් අතුරු සෙවන

My Turn

Asia’s first rehabilitation center for elephants. Established in 1995 by the Wild life Conservation Department the center lies on a 200 acre land on the western boarder of the Udawalawe National Park. with the Udawalawe Reservoir as the south boarder.

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The Mystery of Ussangoda National Park – උස්සන්ගොඩ ජාතික වන උද්‍යානය

The plains of Ussangoda National Park

On the great Southern road just before you reach Ambalanthota the name board Ussangoda will no doubt attract your attention. The road turns seawards and after a few minutes drive and a climb uphill you reach a peculiar landscape shrouded

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Sinharaja Rain Forest (Biosphere Reserve) – සිංහරාජ ජෛවගෝල රක්‍ෂිතය

Ferns in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Spreading over the districts of Ratnapura, Galle and Matara, Sinharaja, our great tropical rain forest, by all accounts is a vast repository of national wealth.

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Kanneliya – Dediyagala – Nakiyadeniya (KDN) Biosphere Reserve – කන්නෙලිය-දෙදියගල-නාකියාදෙණිය ජෛවගෝල රක්‍ෂිතය


Kanneliya-Dediyagala-Nakiyadeniya or KDN is is the last large remaining rainforest in Sri Lanka other than Sinharaja and was designated as a biosphere reserve in 2004 by the UNESCO.

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Vankalai Sanctuary – වාන්කලයි අභය භූමිය

Vankalai Sanctuary

Size 4,839 hectares Main attractions large number of waterbird species, including annual migrants Vankalai, in the Mannar district, with its numerous bird species has been declared a sanctuary by the Department of Wild Life Conservation (DWLC), a first in the

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Mihintale Sanctuary – මිහින්තලේ අභය භූමිය

Mihintale Sanctuary

Mihintale Sanctuary is the first wildlife sanctuary in the world established by king Devanampiyatissa in the 3rd century BC after meeting the Great Mahinda Thero,

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Bellanwila – Attidiya Bird Sanctuary – බෙල්ලන්විල අත්තිඩිය අභය භූමිය

Bellanwila - Attidiya Bird Sanctuary

Size 372 hectares Main attractions forested wetlands includes mangrove swamps and freshwater swamps Migratory and local water birds Early morning is a magical time at Attidiya. As dawn breaks through the cool mists that surround the marshy waters, one can observe

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Anawilundawa Sanctuary – ආනවිලුන්දාව අභය භූමිය

Anawilundawa Sanctuary

Anawilundawa Sanctuary consist of interconnected 9 tanks going back to the 12th century and sadly the water ways which fed this system is lost without an trace and today these tanks are fed by flood waters of the Deduru Oya

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Hikkaduwa National Park (Corral Reef) – හික්කඩුව ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය (කොරල් පර)

hikkaduwa national park

Hikkaduwa National Park lies in the popular tourist destination of Hikkaduwa along its beach. The corral reefs on this marine park has made Hikkaduwa Beach one of the most sought after beaches of the country

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Mahaweli Floodplains National Park – මහවැලි පිටාර තැන්න ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Kumana National Park

Size 17,350 hectares Main attractions Birds, Elephants and other wildlife The Floodplains National Park was established in 1984 as one of the 4 National Parks established under the Mahaweli Project. It  spans the Mahaweli Ganga in Polonnaruwa district in the North

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Kumana National Park (Yala-East) – කුමණ ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Kumana National Park

Kumana National Park lies on the southeast coast in the Eastern province and is well known as a nesting site for various species of herons, storks pelicans and a host of other water birds.

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Yala National Park (Ruhuna) – යාල (රුහුණු) ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Yala National Park

Yala was initially started as a Game Sanctuary by the British in 1894 today Yala National Park has the highest concentration of Leopards in the world.

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Wilpattu National Park – විල්පත්තු ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Wilpattu National Park

Size 131,693 hectares Main attractions Leopards, Elephants, spotted Deer, Sambur, Wild Bow, Crocodiles, Water Buffalo, Peacocks and many migratory birds. Situated 180 km from Colombo, and about 40 km from Anuradhapura Wilpattu National park is the largest wild life sanctuary

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Wasgamuwa National Park – වස්ගමුව ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Elephants are the main attraction at the Wasgamuwa National Park

Size 37,062 hectares Main attractions Large herds of Elephants, spotted Deer, Sambhur, Barking deer and Langur, Wild Bow, Crocodiles, Water Buffalo, Peacocks and many migratory birds. The Wasgamuwa National Park lies within the Polonnaruwa and Matale Districts. Its eastern boundary is

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Udawalawe National Park – උඩවලවේ ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Elephants @ Udawalawe National Park

Located in the Dry Zone, Udawalawe National Park comprises grasslands and thorn scrubs is one the sure places to see wild elephants any time of the day.

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Somawathi National Park – සෝමාවතී ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Somawathi National Park

Size 37,645.5 hectares Main attractions Large herds of Elephants, Deer, Wild boar, Bear, Birds and Fish The Somawathi National Park is one of the four national parks set aside under the Mahaweli River development project. The other three national parks

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Pigeon Island National Park – පරෙවි දූපත් ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Pigeon Island National Park

Size 471.429 hectares Main attraction Marine life, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling Pigeon Island National Park consists of two small islands off the east coast north of Trincomalee . The island gets its name from Blue Rock Pigeon, a native endangered bird

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Minneriya National Park – මින්නේරිය ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Minneriya National Park

Situated 182 km from Colombo, Minneriya National Park is dominated by the Minneriya tank. This is another park where you will find the Elephants in large numbers.

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Maduru Oya National Park – මාදුරු ඔය ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

On the way to Maduru Oya National Park - road between Aralaganwila and Maduru Oya

Maduru Oya National Park is located 314km away from Colombo in the Dry zone and is well known for its elephant habitat.

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Lunugamvehera National Park – ලුනුගම්වෙහෙර ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Bridge over the Kirindi Oya at the park entrance - Lunugamvehera National Park

The Lunugamvehera National Park was established for protection as a corridor for elephant migration from the Yala National Park to the Uda Walawe National Park’s Western region

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Lahugala Kitulana National Park – ලාහුගල කිතුලාන ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Lahugala Kitulana National Park

Size 1,554 hectares Main attraction Large herds of Elephants, Deer, Wild boar, Bear, Birds and Fish The Lahugala Park was initially declared a sanctuary on 1 st July 1966 and then upgraded to a national park on 1 st October

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Kaudulla National Park – කවුඩුල්ල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Kaudulla National Park

Size 6,900 hectares Main attraction Large herds of Elephants, Deer, Sambur, Wild boar, Leoperdm Bear, Birds and Fish Situated about 190 km from Colombo, Kaudulla National Park is dominated by the Kaudulla Tank built by the sister of the famous

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Horton Plains National Park and the Great World’s End – හොර්ටන් තැන්න ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය හා ලෝකාන්තය

Horton Plains

Horton Plains National Park lies 2000 meters above seat level among the second and third tallest mountains in Sri Lanka – Kirigalpotta and Totapola.

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Horagolla National Park – හොරගොල්ල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Horagolla National Park

Size 13.362 hectares Main attraction Flora and Fauna The latest National Park in the country, “Horagolla” is the smallest under the Department of Wildlife Conservation. The preilimenary works were completed for openning the Horagolla National Park officially to the public.This

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Gal Oya National Park and Senanayake Samudraya – ගල්ඔය ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Fishermen at Gal Oya through the dead trees -Gal Oya National Park

with Senanayake Samudra Sanctuary, Gal Oya Valley North-East Sanctuary, Gal Oya Valley South-West Sanctuary Size Gal Oya National Park: 25,900ha Senanayake Samudra Sanctuary: 9,324ha Gal Oya Valley North-East Sanctuary: 12,432ha Gal Oya Valley South-West Sanctuary: 15,281ha Total : 62,937 ha

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Bundala National Park – බුන්දල ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is an ideal location to experience large number of migratory and resident birds. The total bird population can exceed 20,000 during migratory season.

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Yala Strict Nature Reserve (Yala Block 2) – යාල දැඩි ස්වභාවික රක්ෂිතය

Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve

Size 28,904 hectares Main attraction Game Animals Yala was initially started as a Game Sanctuary by the British in 1894 and was established as a National Park in 1938. Yala covers more than 100 hectares of wildlife. Yala is divided

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Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve – රිටිගල දැඩි ස්වභාවික රක්ෂිතය

Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve

Size 1,528 hectares Main attraction Ritigala Aranya Ritigala Strict Nature Reserve has a unique vegetation. Ramayana legend has it that Hanuman was asked to bring a particular medicinal plant, to cure Rama, from the Himalayas.When he got there he forgot

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Hakgala Strict Nature Reserve – හක්ගල දැඩි ස්වභාවික රක්ෂිතය

The purple-faced langur (Semnopithecus vetulus), also known as the purple-faced leaf monkey

Hakgala, which is adjacent to the Hakgala Botanical Gardens, is the only Srict Nature Reserve (SNR) in the wet zone and was declared in 1938.

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Udawattekele – the Forbidden Forest

The Pothos or Devil's Ivy, Epipremnum aureum, creeper from the Salomon Islands poses the second major foreign invasive threat to the natural ecosystem. Without their natural enemies (diseases, insects or animals that feed on them) these grow and multiply rapidly, blocking light for other species underneath.

Kandy, with its historical, archeological and religious value, has protected Udawatta Kele Sanctuary even during the time when Kandy was the capitol of Sri Lanka. In fact, Kandy has been named “Senkadagala” in 1371, during the time of King Wickramabahu,

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Udawatta Kele Sanctuary – උඩවත්ත කැලේ

Udawatta Kele - Pus Wela

The lush forest cover of Udawatta Kele Sanctuary behind Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy has a long history dating back to many centuries. It was declared Tahansikele or forbidden forest by the Sinhala kings who ascended the throne when Kandy became the capital city.

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