Dekinda Ella Falls – දෙකින්ද ඇල්ල

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Dekinda Ella Falls
Dekinda Ella Falls – Upper Part
photo courtesy of Ashan Geeganage
Height : 6 meters
District : Kandy

The 6m-high Dekinda Ella Falll’s source springs from the 24-hectare reserve on the Allagala Mountain, near Yatinuwara historical fortress. The nationalisation of estates in 1977 has had a disastrous outcome – Dekinda Falls’s volume is now a tenth of what it was and landslides are a constant threat. This has been caused by deforestation in the reserve. In addition to these problems, the surrounding areas of Allagala, Mawanella and Makehelwala are starved of water.

The legislative provisions of the Environmental and Conservation Laws need to be rigidly enforced if what little is left is to be saved.


The fall is located at the Allagala Forest Reserve, just beyond Pottapitiya town, Kandy District.

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Map of Dekinda Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Dekinda Ella Fall

You can use public transport or drive up to Ihalakotte and need to walk about 700 meters to the waterfall.

Route from Mawanella to Dekinda Ella ( Up to Ihalakotte)

Distance : 9 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map


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