Diyagama “Palunu Gala” Inscription in Kalutara – දියගම “පැලුනු ගල” සෙල් ලිපිය

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Diyagama inscription is located at Diyagama ancient port of Kalu Ganga, about 3 km from the river mouth. It is also known as the „Pelunu Gala‟ inscription
Diyagama inscription is located at Diyagama ancient port of Kalu Ganga, about 5.5 km from the river mouth. It is also known as the „Pelunu Gala‟ inscription
Photo Credit : Jinadasa Katupotha

This rock inscription known as the “Diyagama Inscription”  is located about 5.5  kilometers above the the Kalu Ganga river mouth in the ancient port of Diyagama. It was also known as the „Pelunu Gala‟ inscription, because the rock on which it was written has been split in the middle. This was first discovered in the late 19th century, by Ven Vaskaduwe Sri Subhuthi thero and, it gained attention of archeologists after Prof. Muller read and published his interpretation in 1883 in “Ancient Inscriptions In Ceylon’.

He states
” Diyagama, about four miles east of Kalutara. This is the only instance I have met with of an old and genuine inscription in the maritime district of the Western Province. It is on the surface of a rock close to the river Kalu Ganga, and was discovered by the learned priest Subhuti, whose residence, Waskaduwa, is not far from there. The inscription is, on the whole, very well preserved, but there are about three or four letters missing in each line, which are destroyed by the water running down the rock. About the names mentioned in the inscription I cannot venture to give an opinion, as the ancient geography of this district is totally unknown.”

The inscription has been translated by Muller as follows ;

“Hail I …………………  Mahakadaka spake
A lay devotee …………….  his father spake and Carakas father
Tambucaraka ………….. the ferry and the paddy field one pata
(in circumference) and Tambudaka six karishas and thirteen
paddy fields “

Mullar has placed this inscription in 5th century but it is being disputed by some who has challenged the reading and believe it to be much older. But still this inscription is one of the rare proofs that Kalutara had been well established city at least by 5th century. Diyagama had been a busy ferry port with paddy fields during that era important enough to be its name carved in stone.

The marker below points to an approximate location in Diyagama. You may need to seek the exact location from a villager or from a nearby buddhist temple.

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