Mahakachchakodiya Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya – මහකච්චකොඩිය පුරාණ ගල්ලෙන් රජමහා විහාරය

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Mahakachchakodiya Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya
Mahakachchakodiya Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya
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Mahakachchakodiya is an ancient remote village in Vavuniya about 13 km away from the town.  This is one of the few Sinhalese villages to survive the brutal LTTE terrorists in Vavunia district. This is an historically important location since Nandimithra, one of the ten giant warriors of King Dutugemunu (161-131 BC) is said to be born at Erawpotana in Mahakachchakodiya.

According to legend when the prince Dutugemunu defeated Elara, it is said that the villagers at this location flew a flag made of Redi Kachchiya ( a 10 yard long cloth) thus became to known as Kachchi Kodiya.

Mahakachchakodiya and its surrounding area was inaccessible to the public for almost 30 years due to the LTTE Tamil terrorists activity but still shows signs of this being a thriving community with Buddhist monastic ruins scattered all over the region.

Mahakachchakodiya Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya lies on such an ancient monastic ruined ground. The temple lies between the Mahakachchakodiya  reservoir and a hillock among the lush green paddy fields.  As if going through an identity crisis, the temples new buildings built on ancient drip ledge caves and rocks creates a unique atmosphere from the surrounding area.

Despite its modern look, the ancient Sri Pathula Gal and the Yupa Gala hidden away from in shrubs offers some insight to the antiquity of the temple. Sri Pathula Gala was used as a object of worship before the development of the Buddha statue in the 2nd century. Yupa Gala is also seen in the earliest from of stupas. In addition 23 drip-ledge caves, some with ancient rock inscriptions  have been identified in the temple premises.

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Route from Anuradhapura to  Mahakachchakodiya Purana Gallen Rajamaha Viharaya

Distance : 66 km
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