Mandaramnuwara Kolapathana Ella Waterfall – මන්දාරම්නුවර කොළපතන ඇල්ල

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Height :? meters
District :Nuwara Eliya

Mandaramnuwara is a small ancient village in the Nuwara Eliya district lying at altitude of 1250 meters above sea level at the foot of the Pidurutalagala in the  Hanguranketha area. Kolapathana Ella is one of the large waterfalls lying at Mandaramnuwara. This is not a single waterfall but a cluster of waterfalls, one below another. Only the bottom waterfall is called Kolapathana Ella. However the full cluster can be seen as a single view from far.

This small town can be reached from Padiyapelella by taking the Mandaram Nuwara road and traveling about 12 kms of narrow and bending road with a unspoiled beautiful scenery all the way.

To reach the waterfall, take Mandaramnuwara Road from Padiyapelella. There is public transport available on this route.  Once you reach Mandaramnuwara, travel about 500 meters towards the Udawela Maha Vidyalaya (school)  until you reach the old tea factory.  Form here, continue on the concrete laid road for further 500 meters and turn right from the junction. This road ends after about 200m. Currently there is a ticket counter established by the Forest Department and directions to the fall is marked to enter the area to get the best view of the waterfall.

Lorries collecting vegetables from farmers travel up to this point. From here you need to hike a further 2km along the un mapped foot paths to reach this waterfall which lies about 1500 meters above sea level. Mandaramnuwara lies 1250 meters above sea level. This is not listed in the LCWF database.

Ticket Prices (as in 2021)

CategoryTicket Cost
School Children (in uniform)LKR 10
Children (local)LKR 50
Adults (local)LKR 100
Children (foreign)LKR 375
Adults (foreign)LKR 650

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Travel Directions to Mandaramnuwara Kolapathana Ella

Route from Kandy to Kolapathana  Ella (Mandaramnuwara )
Through : Ampitiya – Hangurnketha
Distance : 54 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map