Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls – ගවගිරිය මියුණු ඇල්ල

Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls
Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls
Height :60 meters
District :Ratnapura

The 60 meter Miyunu Ella waterfall is one of the two large waterfalls lying in the Kukulugala Forest (KF) is situated within the Western boundary of the Ratnapura district, Sabaragamuwa Province; and is located 15 km away from Bulathsinhala town. This forest ecosystem, which covers an area of 6000 acres within the Ayagama secretariat division, can be categorized as a low land evergreen rain forest. The dominant tree species are Dipterocarpus sp., Mesua sp., Doona sp., Schumacheria castaneifolia, Artocarpus nobilis, Calophyllum inophyllum, Mangifera zeylanica, Humboldtia laurifolia, Oncosperma fasciculatum and Canarium zeylanicum species. Kukulugala mountain, also known as “Horanae Kanda (හොරණෑ කන්ද)” in sinhala, is 705m above sea leavel.

The area consists of a rich hydrological network which includes two large waterfalls called “Ritigas Ella” and “Miyunu Ella”. Additionally, two large streams that start from this mountain, “Thaberum Ela” and “Era-Hadapana Ela”, are the major tributaries that flow throughout the year.

The waterfall can be accessed by traveling 10 km from Ayagama or 18 kms from Egaloya on the Gavaragiriya Road to Kolambewa (කොළඹෑව) and trekking about 500 meters from there onwards in to the Kukulugala Forest. 

The Miyunu Ella waterfall is created in 2 levels and water at the base pool is said the go through a underground tunnel appearing again somewhere down stream.

This waterfall has been the inspiration for the “Nil Diye Nalangana” of the popular poet Meemana Prematilake (1918-1956) and the waterfall is said to be his favorite places to find tranquility.

Some Other Attractions around Ayagama

  • Dumbara Kaluwala – (also known as Dumbara Estate Ella Waterfall ) A popular bathing spot with a small waterfall in the Dumbara Estate. The access is on Horana – Ratnapura road. Cross the wooden bridge to enter the estate and travel approximately 2 km to reach the falls.
  • Minee Ella – A 50 meter waterfall lying on Heen Ganga in Gangodakanda Division in Ayagama. Travel approximately 2km on Gavaragiriya road to reach Pallekada Junction and turn right. Travel further 1 1/2 km on this road reach this waterfall.
  • Udugala Masgama Ella Waterfall – Travel on the Kalawana road for 3 km from the Ayagama and take the Udugama Handunkanda road. Travel upto Handunkanda Watta Office. The waterfall lies on the road infront of this office.
  • Kasimanee Ella Waterfall – This is a 15 meter high waterfall which then create a another fall of 6 meters. Take the Dethabadakanda Road from the lower Galathura Clock tower. Traveling 4km on this road will bring you to the Kiriella Watta Factory. The waterfall lies close to this factory.
  • Manel Gallena Viharaya – Manel Gallena lies on the Malgahahena Road off the Gavaragiriya Road. Evidence has been found that this cave has been used since prehistoric times. The cave said to be have been called Gavara Lena during Polonnaruwa Era due Royal Bulls being kept in the cave.  Travel about 8kms from Ayagama on the Gavaragiriya Road to reach Pitakanda. Take the Malgahahena Road and travel about 1 1/2 km to reach the Cave.
  • Pallekada Batawela Pattini Devalaya – Built during Gampola Kingdom, this devalaya is dedicated to Godess Pattini. Take Pallekada Road from the Ayagama Junction and travel 3kms to reach the Pallekada Junction. The devalaya lies about 200m from this junction.

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Map of  Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls

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Travel Directions to Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls

Route from Beragala to Gavaragiriya Miyunu Ella Falls
Through : Beragala Wellawaya Road
Distance : 78 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

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