Wilpita Wewa / Lenabatuwa Wewa – විල්පිට / ලේනබටුව වැව

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Wilpita wewa / Lenabatuwa wewa
Wilpita wewa / Lenabatuwa wewa
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Lenabatuwa Wewa also known as Wilpita Wewa or Hali Ela Wewa lies between Akuressa and Kamburupitiya, 10 km away from the Akuressa Jaunction. The tank is located in a picturesque setting and it is part of the Oliyagankele Forest Reserve ecosystem. This reserve is also known as Wilpita Forest.

The Lenabatuwa wewa is a natural lake and covers over 180 acres (  0.75 sq km) with a 16km of waterline. In addition to number of perenial and sesonal steams, it is also fed by an Bubula, a natural water sprout in the Galagaawa village adjoining the reserve.

This forest has only about 15ha of closed canopy forest and 28.7 ha of planted area. The fish species of Wilpita Dandiya endemic to Sri Lanka can be found only the streams of this reserve.

Topographically the forest reservation is moderately hilly (rising to a maximum elevation of about 100m from a base of about 20m). Oliyagankele Forest Reserve is also associated with several development programs including Man and the Biosphere (MAB) program.

There is a 7 km hiking track inside the reserve for those who would like to experience this forest further.

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Map of  the Wilpita wewa / Lenabatuwa wewa

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Traveling to Wilpita wewa / Lenabatuwa wewa

Route from Matara to Wilpita wewa / Lenabatuwa wewa

Through : Hakmana Road – Kamburupitiya
Distance : 25 km
Travel time : 35 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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