Fort Macdowall at Matale – මැක්ඩොවල් බලකොටුව

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Remains of Fort Macdowall
Remains of Fort Macdowall
Photo by : Ashan Geeganage

Fort Macdowall was built by the British in the town of Matale in 1803 as an out post during the Kandian Wars. The fort was named after General Macdowall, who led the expedition to the Kingdom of Kandy, it is one of the few forts build inland. In 1848 during the famous Matale Rebellion, the fort came under siege of the sinhelese rebels led by Weera Puran Appu & Gongalegoda Banda who are renowned national heroes today. Only the gate way and few ramparts remain, with the interior of the fort turn into a cemetery, the Fort MacDowall Cemetery.

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Map of  Fort Macdowall of Matale

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Traveling Directions to Fort Macdowall – Matale

Route 01 from Kandy to Fort Macdowall – Matale

Though : Akurana
Distance :25 km
Travel time : 40 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map



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