Jodu Ella Falls (Bambarella Knuckles Falls) – ජෝඩු ඇල්ල (බඹරැල්ල නකල්ස් ඇල්ල)

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Height : 45 meters
District : Ratnapura

The twin falls of Jodu Ella Falls , also known as ‘Bambarella Knuckles falls’, have identical lengths (45m) and cascade simultaneously from both ends of the mountain into the Mahaweli River via the Hulu Ganga River. The Moragaha River is the source, which springs from Me Malai, part of the Knuckles mountain range. Before reaching the falls, the water flows down seven chutes and through several pools.

In the surrounding area medicinal plants abound and there is a wide variety of wildlife including wild boar, porcupine (Ceratophora tennenti) and a lizard endemic to the island known locally as dumbara and katussa. The area at the top of the falls has been denuded, causing concern that the aquifers might dry up and erode the land.

The Moragaha River flows across Bambarella, Baddegama and Kosgamma, before reaching the Huluganga River. Jodu Falls is situated in the Patha Dumbara Electorate (Panwila Provincial Division, Thavalatenna GS area). From Wattegama travel the 24km via Bambarella to Panwila. The rest of the journey is not possible by road so trek the last 1km from the border of the Knuckles mountain range to the fall.

There are number of waterfalls in this area which can be visited in a single trip. They are

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Map of Jodu Ella Falls (Bambarella Knuckles Falls)

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Travel Directions to Jodu Ella Falls (Bambarella Knuckles Falls)

Route from Kandy to Jodu Ella Falls (Bambarella Knuckles Falls)

Though : Madawala – Panwila
Distance : 38 km
Travel time : 1 hour
Driving directions : see on google map

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