Historical Naula Ambalama

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Naula town is located on the Matale – Dambulla road, 29 km from Matale and 18 km from Dambulla.

The Naula Ambalama is situated at the heart of the Naula town. Its origins can be traced back to the reign of King Devanampathissa, as per the legends. Historical records indicate that the establishment of Naula Sri Naga National School took place at this building during the British colonial era (1880s).

Over the years, the Naula Ambalama has undergone renovations under the stewardship of various governments. The most recent development took place during the preceding administration.

Made of cement, the walls are short. too long The roof is covered with country tiles. In August 2019, it was reported that a front pillar of this Ambalam was hit and damaged by a backhoe belonging to a company involved in widening the road.

The walls, constructed with cement, are of a modest height. The roof is tiled with Calicut Clay Tiles. It came to light in August 2019 that a front pillar of this Ambalama was inadvertently damaged by a backhoe owned by a company engaged in the road expansion.

Due to the widening of this road, today Ambalama lies right next to the road.


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Naula Historical Ambalam Driving Directions

Kandy to Naula historic Ambalam
Via : Matale
Total Distance : 54 KM
Duration : 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Time to Spend : Around 5-10 Minutes
Driving Directions :  View on Google Map

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