Padalanchana Chethiya of Ancient Anuradhapura – අනුරාධපුර පාදලාඤ්ජන චේතිය

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Padalanchana Chethiya
Padalanchana Chethiya

Fifty meters to the south east of Thuparama Dagoba lies a small stupa identified as the Padalanchana Chethiya. This is also referred to as Sila Chethiya and Digha Stupa and has been originally built by king Lagnatissa (119-109 BC), son of king Saddhatissa covering footprint of Buddha.

According the Great Chronicle Mahavamsa, Dipavansa and Mahabothivamsa, Buddha has placed his foot print at this site rising to the air to return to India after his 3rd visit to Sri Lanka.

According to Mahavamsa this place has been one of the four places where all the Buddhas of this aeon have left his foot prints. Thus all four Kakusanndha, Konagamana, Kassapa and Gouthama Buddha has at one time come to this small island at one time and come to this place before leaving this island and left their foot prints.

The restored stupa is built on a circular platform. A flight of steps decorated with moonstones, Guardstones and balustrades takes you this platform. Sadly not much attention is given by the visitors to this stupa.

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Map of Padalanchana Chethiya

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Driving Directions to Anuradhapura (Padalanchana Chethiya )

Anuradhapura can be reached through many routes from Colombo. The two main routes are through Puttlam (Puttalama) and though Kurunegala. Traveling from Puttlam you will pass scenic Wilpattu area. the From Kurunegala there are two main routes to Anuradhapura. The most common route is through Dambulla. The other route is though Galgamuwa. Out of all the routes, the commonly used is the Kurunegala – Dambulla route (Route 2).

Route 01 from Colombo to Anuradhapura

Route 02 from Colombo to Anuradhapura

Though : Negombo - Chillaw - Puthlam
distance from colombo :213 km
Travel time : 3 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Through : Ambepussa - Kurunegala - Dambulla
distance from Colombo : 221 km
Travel time : 3.15 hours
Driving Directions : see on google maps

Route 03 from Colombo to Anuradhapura

Route from Kandy to Anuradhapura

Though : Ambepussa - Kurunegala - Padeniya - Thambuthegama
distance from colombo :213 km
Travel time : 3 hours
Driving directions : see on google map
Though : Katugastota - Matale - Dambulla
distance from Colombo :139 km
Travel time : 2 hours
Driving directions : see on google map

Route from Anuradhapura Railway Station to Padalanchana Chethiya

Distance : 2.7  kilometers
Travel time : 5 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map


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