Rajjuruwatta Patta Ella Fall – රජ්ජුරුවත්ත පට්ට ඇල්ල

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Height :3 meters
District :Ratnapura

The Patta Ella fall’s name is ascribed to the flow, which looks like a stripe down the mountain (‘patta’ means belt). The 3m-high fall is located along the Ratnapura – Kalutara road at a village called Rajjuruwatte (meaning ‘king’s estate’). The nearest town is Kalawana.

Source : srilankanwaterfalls.net

To reach the Patta Ella you need to take the road towards Samanpura just as you pass ( about 1.3 km)  Kalawana town and take the Karawita road. The road continues along a stram and after about 2 km comes an area called Rajjuruwatte.

From here, you need to climb down towards the stream over tea patches to reach the fall. The waterfall lies on the stream which runs along the road but not visible to the road. Therefore its recommended to obtain some guidance from the people in the area.

This road is not mapped in Google maps but can be seen on the Bing Maps.

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Map of  Rajjuruwatta Patta Ella Fall

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Travel Directions to Rajjuruwatta Patta Ella Fall

Route from Kalawana to Rajjuruwatta Patta Ella Fall

Through : B421
Distance : 3 km
Travel time : 10  mins
Driving directions : see on bing map

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