Rajanawa Ella Falls (රජනෑව ඇල්ල)

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Height :12  meters
District :Ratnapura

This 12m Rajanawa Ella perennial fall is used to irrigate about 9 hectares of surrounding paddy fields. It is set among trees such as halmilla (Berrya cordifolia), jack (Artocerpus heterophyllum), midella, attamba (Mangifera zeylonica), palmyra (Caryota urenus) and bamboo. However, due to increased population growth the area of woodland continues to decrease.

Villagers say that the ancient King Walagamba bathed and organized his armies at this site, hence ‘Raja’ or ‘King’ in the fall’s name. The fall is also said to harbour gold in a mysterious and difficult to locate tunnel that is guarded by stone doors.

Today this is a popular gathering place for the locals, especially at weekends. Unfortunately, liquor bottles are scattered around the area and even the water is not safe due to broken bottles. The basin at the foot of the fall is quite deep and has claimed few lives in the past according to elders in the village. The flow of the water on the stream is known to rapidly increase when it rains upstream.

You can reach Rajanawa Falls at the 1st-mile post bridge of Rathnapura-Kalawana road.

alternate names : Rajane Ella, Rajanewa Ella, Rajana Ella

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Travel Directions to Rajanawa Ella Falls

It is located in the Ratnapura District. Take the Ratnapura – Kalawana road for 4km, turn off onto the Nivitigala road and continue for about 1 km to reach the first bridge which runs over Rajana Dola. There are some steps along Rajana Dola which will take you upstream to the Rajana Ella.

Route from Ratnapura to Rajanawa Ella
Through : Nivitigala road
Distance : 6 km
Travel time : 10 minutes
Driving directions : see on google map

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