Matale Rusigama Dethispalaruha Rajamaha Viharaya (මාතලේ රුසිගම දෙතිස්ඵලරුහ රජමහා විහාරය)

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Rusigama is a small town close to Pallepola town in Udupola Udusiyapattuwa in the Matale District. Rusigama (Ariyagama) Dethispalaruha Bodhiraja Maha Viharaya, popularly known as Rusigama Rajamaha Viharaya is an ancient temple hidden inside this village.

You can reach this temple from the road connecting Galewela and Matale across Pallepola. Passing Pallepola and traveling towards Matale for 1.5 km you will come across Kurakade Junction. The temple lies 3 km on the Rusigama road starting from Kurakade Junction.

The name Rusigama is believed to have originated due to the settlement of sages in the past. Two inscriptions belonging to the pre-Christian period have been found. These 2 inscriptions record the donation of caves to the Sangha (Wikramagamage,2004).

Inscription 1 : Parumaka-Sumanakasa lene
The cave of the chief Sumanaka

Inscription 2 : Gapati-Cudutara-puta Gutasa lene sagasa dine
The cave of Gutta, son of the householder Cunduttara, is given to the Sangha

Rusigama was also one of the sites selected by King Devanampiyatissa (250 BCE to 210 BCE) to plant one of the Dethis Pala Ruha Bodhi Trees, one of the very first 40 saplings of the Sri Maha Bodhi of Anuradhapura.


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Travel Directions to Matale Rusigama Dethispalaruha Rajamaha Viharaya

Route from Matale town to Rusigama Dethispalaruha Rajamaha Viharaya
Through : Kavudupalella
Distance : 21 km
Travel Time : 45 mins
Driving Directions : see on Google map


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