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Wasgamuwa National Park – වස්ගමුව ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Elephants are the main attraction at the Wasgamuwa National Park

Size 37,062 hectares Main attractions Large herds of Elephants, spotted Deer, Sambhur, Barking deer and Langur, Wild Bow, Crocodiles, Water Buffalo, Peacocks and many migratory birds. The Wasgamuwa National Park lies within the Polonnaruwa and Matale Districts. Its eastern boundary is

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Dambulla Maligathenna ( Nuwaragala Kanda) Ruins – නුවරගල කන්ද (මාලිගාතැන්න) නෂ්ඨාවශේෂ

Maligatenna ( Nuwaragalakanda) Ruins

There are number of locations called Nuwaragala Kanda and the most well known location is Nuwaragala Kanda is Ampara District. But this Nuwaragala Kanda is location between Dambulla and Polonnaruwa district and lies midst of a thick jungle. There are

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Kumara Ella Archaeological Reserve – කුමාර ඇල්ල පුරාවිද්‍යා භුමිය

ogimage amazinglanka

In close proximity to the little known Buduruwayaya archeological site in the Polonnaruwa district is found another interesting archeological site (About 7 (seven) kilometers from Bakamuna and 1 ½ (one and a half) kilometers from Buduruwayaya) This is the recently excavated archeology site of Kumara Ella on the Dambulla – Kalagahawela new expressway.

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Elahera Gal Amuna and Prakarama Inscription – ඇලහැර ගල් අමුන

Elahera Gal Amuna

The new Aban Ganga anicut at Elahera was on the road side, just within the elephant fence separating the Wasgamuwa Park from the main road. The gate to the premises was locked. But as we stopped our vehicle, the guard whose quarters were on the opposite side of the road came out. We asked him if we could go to see the old Gal amuna.

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Buduruwayaya Archaeological Site – බුදුරුවයාය

Buduruwayaya - Bakamuna

Buduruwayaya Archaeological Site with rock carvings similar to Gal Viharaya lies south west of the Wasgamuwa park, some 6 kilometers from Bakamuna town.

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