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Monaragala Veheradivulana Archaeological Site – මොණරාගල වෙහෙරදිවුලාන නටබුන්

Steps cut in to the rock leading to the ruined stupas at the top at the Monaragala Veheradivulana Archaeological Site

An ancient temple complex going back to pre christian era hidden in the jungles on the Yala Border vandalized by treasure hunters.

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Alugallena Monastery at Maligawila – මාලිගාවිල අළුගල්ලෙන වන සෙනසුණ

Alugalge lena / Alu lena boardering hulandawa oya

Alugallena is an ancient monastery lying on the banks of Hulandawa Oya near Maligawila. A single dwelling built under a ancient rock cave is occupied by a single monk.

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Ranugalla Dunhinda Ella Falls – රනුගල්ල දුන්හිඳ ඇල්ල

Ranugalla Dunhinda Ella Falls

Height : 15 meters District : Badulla The 15m Ranugalla Dunhinda Ella Fall is situated on a downward slope off the highway from Passara to Buttala, near Ranugalla. The nearest town is Passara. Source : www.srilankanwaterfalls.net Also See Waterfalls of

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Pareiyan Ella Falls – පරෙයියන් ඇල්ල

Pareiyan Ella Falls by Ashan Geeganage

Height : 14 meters District : Monaragala Deforestation on both sides of the Menik River has severely reduced the 14m-high Pareiyan Ella fall’s aesthetic beauty and endangered its existence. It is located in the Monaragala District, Badalkumbura Divisional Secretariat, Athala

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Yudaganawa and Chulangani Viharaya – යුදගනාව ස්තූපය

Yudaganawa Stupa and the image house

Yudaganawa Temple is located close to Buttala on the Wellawaya– Buttala Road. This is one of the largest Stupas in the country and dates back to 2 nd century BC. This is thought to be place price Tissa and his

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Rahathangala Kanda at Buttala – රහතන්ගල

Yudaganawa Wewa

Legend has it that the Rahathangala was miraculously created by Arahats (Rahatun in Sinhala) as a barrier to the battling princes Dutugemunu and Tissa.

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Miella (Myella) Kanda Ancient Caves at Kotiyagala – මයිල්ල කන්ද ගුහාව නටබුන්

The large relining Buddha statue which haven't escaped treasure hunters Miella (Myella) Kanda Ancient Cave Temple

Take the Moneragala-Siyambalanduwa highway. Turn off at Kodayana and go up to Kotiyagala. Walk along a jungle track for six miles and you reach two large caves on the slope of a mountain called Miella kanda. This huge cave shrine

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Maligawila [2]

Maligawila - Maligawila Buddha Statue and and Dambegoda Bodhisattva Statue

In the Culavamsa there is a verse probably referring to the King Aggabodhika who ruled during the 7th century and which says, ‘ In Kanagama (the Village of the Blind) he built a hospital named ‘ The Image’. There the

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Maligawila Buddha Statue and and Dambegoda Bodhisattva Statue – මාලිගාවිල

Maligawila - Maligawila Buddha Statue and and Dambegoda Bodhisattva Statue

Maligawila Buddha Statue is carved out of a single limestone rock and stands about 14.5 metres high. This is the tallest free standing buddha image in the ancient Sri Lanka. Dambegoda Bodhisattva statue, Another massive statue in the same complex stands 500 meters away.

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Habessa Ruins (Hebessa)

Habessa Ruins

Ruins of an ancient temple complex lies in deep in the jungle bordering the Yala National Park. Known as Habessa Ruins. Among these ruins are an ancient inscription and a cave with a large reclining Buddha statue with murals painted

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Dematamal Viharaya – දෙමටමල් විහාරය

Dematamal Viharaya

Dematamal Viharaya is located at Helagama on the Buttala-Okkampitiya road which leads to the Maligawila Buddha Statues. The temple lies about 4 km from the Buttala town. Located in the middle of paddy field, you can see the dark coloured

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Enchanting Buduruwagala [4]


Having got off a rickety bus at a dusty junction of Buduruwagala, a fertile farming village near Wellawaya in an awe-inspiring mountain range of Uva province, I tried to find my way to Buduruwagala rock carvings, on a rock which

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Seven wonders of Buduruwagala [3]


It was late in evening when we reached the Buduruwayaya rock and archaeology site.. In the fast fading twilight, amongst the last songs of the birds, seven figures stood silent and still – in deep meditation. It seemed not to

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Buduruwagala [2] – බුදුරුවගල


The name Buduruwagala literally means ‘stone images of the Buddha’. The site consists of seven magnificent east-facing figures carved out of a sheer rock face, the outline of which is believed to resemble a kneeling elephant.

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Buduruwagala Buddha Statue – බුදුරුවගල රජමහා විහාරය

Buduruwagala Carvings

Buduruwagala is located about 5 km from the Wellawaya on the Thanamalwila road. The name Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha”.

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Biso Pokuna At Galabedda – ගලේබැද්ද බිසෝ පොකුණ

Biso Pokuna At GalabeddaBiso Pokuna At Galabedda

Remains of a palace complex lies at the village of Galabedde (Galebedda), 10.5 km from Monaragala on the Pottuvil road. This includes an interesting sluice gate ponds, moats, ramparts and the remains of a palace thought be of a local

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