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The Trail to ‘Devil’s Staircase’ – යක්ෂයාගේ පියගැටපෙළ ඔස්සේ ඔහියට

The "V Cut" - - On the route through Devils Staircase

The track through the Devils Staircase is one of the most popular hiking and jeep tracks in the hills of Sri Lanka. The difficulty levels and the spectacular view of the green mountains of Sri Lanka has made this a

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Demodara Nine Arch Bridge – දෙමෝදර අහස් නමයේ ආරුක්කු පාලම

First day Cover of 2014 stamp celebrating the engineering marvel of Demodara Bridge and Nine Arch Bridge at Demodata

Located almost 3100 feet above the sea level, the 100ft high Demodara Nine Arch Bridge is an engineering marvel which was constructed in 1913 without the use of single piece of steel.

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