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Galge Arcaeological Site at Devinuwara – දෙවිනුවර ගල්ගේ පුරාවිද්‍යා භූමිය

A very interesting structure is found almost opposite the southern most milepost on a short detour inland less than 500 m from the Devinuwara Raja Maha Viharaya and the Upulvan Devalaya One building stands alone and aloof built entirely of

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Dondra Lighthouse – දෙවුන්දර තුඩුව ප්‍රදීපාගාර

Dondra Lighthouse

“From Point Pedro to Dondra Head” why is that expression so familiar to us? The fact that Point Pedro is at the most Northern tip and Dondra Head is the most Southern tip of Sri Lanka make them most exciting

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