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The Nagas in Sinhala sculpture

Relic Shrine in Abayagiri Monastery

Sacred elements (Naga same term as serpent) consorted with the clouds bearing rain. These elements bestow upon the human world all the boons of earthly happiness such as abundance of crops, cattle, prosperity, offspring, health and long life. The following notes aim to examine the way of depicting in sculpture the genii, Naga presiding over the waters.

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Guardstones (Ancient Muragala) – මුරගල

Relic Shrine in Abayagiri Monastery

The guardstone or “muragala” were one of an association of three aspects of sculpture that adorned the entrance to buildings in ancient times, the other two being the moonstone (Sandakada Pahana) and balustrade (Korawak Gala) .

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Rathna Prasada (Jewel Palace) of Abhayagiri Monastery – රත්න ප්‍රාසාදය

Monolithic pillars of Ratnaparasada

This is the Uposatha house of the Abhayagiri Vihara Complex built by King Kanitta Tissa (192-194 AD). What Lova Maha Prasada was to Maha Vihara complex, Rathna Prasada is to Abhayagiri. The competition of these two sects of monks can

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