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Galenda Rajamaha Viharaya – Ambalantota – අම්බලංතොට ගල්ඇඳ රජමහා විහාරය

An elegant balustrade Ambalanthota Galenda Rajamaha Viharaya

This is an ancient temple which has been forgotten by the general public for centuries. Only the fallen rock pillars which once proudly held buddhist buildings now bear witness to the antiquity of the temple.

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Gangaramaya Rajamaha Viharaya – Ambalantota – අම්බලංතොට ගංගාරාමය රජමහා විහාරය

Ancient Mandapaya at Gangarama Rajamaha Viharaya

Passing Pulinathalarama Viharaya at Ambalthota is another ancient temple called Gangarama Rajamaha Viharaya belonging to the Kandyan Era. Lying close to a tributary of the Walawe River from one side and the sea from another side, this temple too has been subjected to the horrors of the 2006 tsunami.

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Pulinatalaramaya Viharaya – Ambalantota – අම්බලංතොට පුලිණතලාරාමය විහාරය

Murals of Pulinatalaramaya

The Pulinathalarama Viharaya at Ambalthota is an ancient temple with a image house going back to Kandyan Era. The murals in the temple exhibiting Kandyan technique and some of these have been damaged by the Tsunami of 2006

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Girihandu Rajamaha Viharaya – Ambalantota – අම්බලංතොට ගිරිහඬු රජමහා විහාරය

Ambalantota Girihandu Rajamaha Viharaya

A ruined statue of Avalokiteshvara Buddha belonging to the 7th Century BC has been discovered among the ruins in Ambalantota Girihandu Rajamaha Viharaya. Further, ruins of a Viharaya, Damma Hall and abode of monks are visible at this sacred place.

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Sella Kataragama – සෙල්ල කතරගම

Mahasen Temple Sella Kataragama

Sella Kataragama area has been developed as an multi cultural area attracting all walks of life from Buddhists, Hindus and the indigenous Veddas.

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Alugallena Monastery at Maligawila – මාලිගාවිල අළුගල්ලෙන වන සෙනසුණ

Alugalge lena / Alu lena boardering hulandawa oya

Alugallena is an ancient monastery lying on the banks of Hulandawa Oya near Maligawila. A single dwelling built under a ancient rock cave is occupied by a single monk.

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Sapugaharoda Ella Falls (Ranmale Biso Ella) – සපුගහරොද ඇල්ල

Sapugaharoda Falls (aka Ranmale Biso Ella)

Height : 12 meters District : Hambantota The sources of this 12m-high Sapugaharoda Ella (Ranmale Biso Ella) fall are the brooks flowing down the Rammale mountain range. It flows on to the Warapitiya Reservoir and then the Kirma River. During

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Abarana Ella Falls (Hambatota) – ආභරණ ඇල්ල

Abarana Falls

Hambatota Abarana Ella Falls is located off the Pelmadulla-Embilipitiya-Nonagama Highway about 12 miles away, near Hedawinna-Pallerotte from where a deviation has to be made off the Muravasihena Branch Irrigation Field Channel.

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Pallemalala Prehistoric Burial Grounds and Habitation Floor – පල්ලෙමලල ප්‍රාග් ඓතිහාසික කැනීම් ස්ථානය

Pallemalala Prehistoric burial grounds and Habitation Floor

Pallemalala discovery throws new light on Lanka’s pre-historic culture A major archaeological breakthrough that could shed new light on the physical type and lifestyle of the island’s pre-historic population has been accomplished by a team of Sri Lankan Archaeologists. This

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Tissa Wewa at Tissamaharama – තිස්සමහාරාම තිස්ස වැව

Tissa Wewa at Tissamaharama

The First Oblique Dam in the world The Tissa Wewa is one of the four large ancient irrigation tanks in the area and is believed to be constructed the 3rd Century BC by King Yatala Tissa, or regional king Maha

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Tissamaharama Rajamaha Viharaya – තිස්සමහාරාම විහාරය

Tissamaharama Rajamaha Viharaya built by regional king Mahanaga in the 3rd century BC

This massive Tissamaharama Stupa (Tissamaharamaya) is believed to be built by King Mahanaga in the 3rd century BC or King Kavanthissa in the 1st century BC and is the largest stupa in the ancient southern kingdom.

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Madunagala Temple Hermitage – මදුනාගල ආරන්‍යය

Madunagala Hermitage

The The Madunagala Hermitage (also referred as Madunagala Temple) is situated a few miles away from Ambalantota, in the jungle. The journey takes about 30 minutes along the tarred road.

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Kataragama Devalaya & Kiri Vehera – කතරගම දේවාලය හා කිරි වෙහෙර

Kataragama Devalaya & Kiri Vehera

Kataragama is one of the few places in Sri Lanka which is worshipped by most of the popular religious people in Sri Lanka. According to the Buddhists, Katragama is one of the 16 places visited by Buddha (solos maha stana) during his 3 visits to Sri Lanka.

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Habessa Ruins (Hebessa)

Habessa Ruins

Ruins of an ancient temple complex lies in deep in the jungle bordering the Yala National Park. Known as Habessa Ruins. Among these ruins are an ancient inscription and a cave with a large reclining Buddha statue with murals painted

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Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Vihara [3] – Digging up a maritime past

Ambalantota Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Viharaya

Imagine the scene: It is rush hour in the Godavaya harbour’s tax office. Ships from all over the world are rocking on the waves, secured by their heavy bell-shaped stone anchors. Sweaty labourers are carrying loads of cargo into the

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Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Vihara [2] – The Kingdom of Ruhuna – රුහුනු රාජධානිය

Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Vihara

Godavaya is located on the coast of Sri Lanka. Here Sri Lankan and German archaeologists excavate the old Kingdom of Ruhuna, gathering evidence of its glorious past. Excavations have been carried out since 1994, under Professor Helmut Roth of the

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Godawaya Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Viharaya – Ambalantota – අම්බලංතොට ගෝත පබ්බත රජමහා විහාරය

Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Vihara

Gotha Pabbatha Rajamaha Viharaya is situated on rocky outcrop near the mouth of the Walawe River in Godawaya which is a small fishing hamlet located between Ambalantota and Hamantota. The temple believed to have been built by Regional king Gotabaya (King Kavanthissa’s father) in the 2nd centaury BC.

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Martello Tower at Hambantota

Martello Tower at Hambantota

Though the Martello Tower at Hambantota is not spread in a large area, it could also be considered as a defense watchtower. Generally believed to be a Dutch fortification, but actually built by Capt. Goper of the Army Engineers during the British Period.

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Bandagiriya – Where history is hidden by poverty

Bandagiriya Ancient Temple

Dust rose in greeting from the parched asphalt as we travelled on the Hambantota main road towards Bandagi-riya, a remote village nestled amongst rocks and lush greenery in the historical Giruva-pattuwa so idyllic and sans the semi modern features of

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Bandagiriya Rajamaha Viharaya – බඳගිරිය පුරාණ විහාරය

Bandagiriya Rajamaha Viharaya

Bandagiriya forms the highest point in Hambantota District. Located at its summit is the ancient Bandagiriya Vihara (temple). In Dathuwamsa, one of the ancient chronicles of Sri Lankan history, it is mentioned that this temple was built by King Kawantissa in the 2nd century BC.

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