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Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella Falls – තුංමෝදර රන්මුදු ඇල්ල

Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella

This 15m fall in Thunmodara in Hanwella is is situated 48 km from Colombo. The waterfall is a popular bathing location for those around Colombo and its popularity has made it victim for its own success.

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Hanwella Ella Uda Ella Falls (Kahana Ella) – ඇල්ල උඩ ඇල්ල (කහන ඇල්ල)

Ella Uda Ella Falls

The Ella Uda Ella Falls is located in the Colombo District, Avissawella Electorate at Hanwella. To reach it, take the Hanwella road and turn off near the Thummodara Old Bridge, then continue for a further 10km to the Illuovita area.

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Ambulgama Raja Maha Viharaya – Hanwella – ඇඹුල්ගම රජමහා විහාරය

Ambulgama Raja Maha Viharaya

Mountains have always fascinated human imagination. And there we were gazing up at the wooded hill in front of us just a few minutes drive from the city of Colombo. This was the Ambulgama Raja Maha Viharaya. Vaguely we cold

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Hanwella Fort – හංවැල්ල බලකොටුව

Remains at the Rest House

Hanwella Fort – In 1521 when King Mayadunne (1521 – 1581 A. D.) started the Sitawaka Kingdom at Avissawella and built the first fort at Hanwella to guard against the Kingdom of Kotte.

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