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Somawathi National Park – සෝමාවතී ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Somawathi National Park

Size 37,645.5 hectares Main attractions Large herds of Elephants, Deer, Wild boar, Bear, Birds and Fish The Somawathi National Park is one of the four national parks set aside under the Mahaweli River development project. The other three national parks

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Somawathi Rajamaha Viharaya (Somawathi Chethiya) – සෝමාවතී චෛත්‍යය

sithulpawwa rajamaha viharaya

The miraculous Somawathiya (Somawathi Chethiya) was built in 2nd century BC enshrining the right tooth relic of Buddha. The only other tooth relic lies in Dalada Maligawa in Kandy.

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Medirigiriya Vatadage [2] – The Gem on a Rocky Platform

Medirigiriya Vatadage

Earlier this month when it was raining continuously in Colombo we decided to take a trip to Medirigiriya. Not knowing what type of weather to expect our vehicle was packed with umbrellas and raincoats in addition to the usual sun

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Medirigiriya Vatadage – මැදිරිගිරිය වටදාගේ

The majestic Medirigiriya Vatadage on a rock pedestal

Medirigiriya Vatadage is situated in a beautiful surrounding has a history going in to the pre-Christian times.

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