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Kalupahana Uduwara Ella Falls – උඩුවර ඇල්ල

Kalupahana Uduwara Ella Falls

Hidden deep inside the mountains near the Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall Bambarakanda, are two lesser known but magnificent waterfalls which can be enjoyed from a single view point. These are Uduwara Ella Fall and the Nagadowa Ella Falls.

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Nagadowa Ella Falls – නාගදෝව ඇල්ල

Nagadowa Ella Falls

Nagadowa Ella Fall is a another waterfall located off the beaten track off the popular Bambarakanda Falls. Only access to the waterfall is by foot and you can also see the Uduwara fall just above this fall.

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Lanka Ella Falls – ලංකා ඇල්ල

Lanka Ella Falls

Lanka Ella Fall is one of the few waterfalls unspoiled by the human activity due to the location. This falls lies about 1 km away from the Bambarakanda Falls and is accessible only by foot.

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Dumbara Ella Falls – දුම්බර ඇල්ල

Dumbara Ella

At the foot of the 20m-high Dumbara Ella Falls there is a cave that can accommodate up to eight people. The fall is situated in the Kalupahana area, Matale District (Laggala Divisional Secretariat).

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Bambarakanda Ella Falls – බඹරකන්ද ඇල්ල

Bambarakanda Ella Falls

Bambarakanda is the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a sheer drop of a 263 meters. In the world ranking its the 299th tallest waterfall in the world.

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