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Ruwanwella Ambalama – රුවන්වැල්ල අම්බලම

Ruwanwella Ambalama

The Ruwanwella Ambalama lies in the center of crowded, traffic – congested Ruwanwella town close to the ancient fort. This is said to be the largest ambalama found in the county.

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Kahanawita Ella Falls – කහනවිට ඇල්ල

Kahanawita Ella Falls

Kahanawita Ella Falls is a popular waterfall in Gomala Oya lying on the Dehiowita – Deraniyagala road 3.5 km away from Dehiowita.

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Deraniyagala Kekuna Ella Falls – දැරනියගල කැකුණ ඇල්ල

Deraniyagala Kekuna Ella

Height : 3 meters District : Kegalle The 3m tall Kekuna Ella Fall, situated in Kegalle District Deraniyagala Pradeshiya Saba in the Panakura village. A trek through the footpath down the Panakura School leads to the fall. Borne out of

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Dorawaka Caves Prehistoric Site – දොරවක ලෙන්

Dorawaka Rock caves

Archaeologists firmly believe that excavation surveys conducted at the Dorawaka Caves at Warakapola reveal information of the Mesolithic Era, the third phase of the Stone Age.

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Alu Lena Caves (Alu Galge) Prehistoric Archeological Site at Kegalle

Alawala Caves

Among the cave sites with particularly interesting archaeological contents is Alu Lena ( Alu Galge) at Attanagoda near Kegalle. The Galge or the rock shelter derives its name from the presence of ashes (alu) across the 5 x 3 m

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Remarkable Ruins of Rambukkana – දැලිවල කොට වෙහෙර [2]

Deliwala Kota Vehera

We stood in front of a vast mound of crumbling earth. These were the ruins of the Kota Vehera at Deliwela , believed to have been constructed during the period of king Devanampiyatissa. On the side of the ruins was

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Deliwala Kota Vehera – දැලිවල කොට වෙහෙර

Deliwala Kota Vehera

According to the folklore Deliwala Kota Vehera was built by a regional king called Keerthi Tissa in the 3rd century BC. On a request by him, the King Devanmpiyatissa (250-210 BC) invited Mihindu Maha Thero and he came to this

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Dutch Fort of Ruwanwella – රුවන්වැල්ල බලකොටුව

Fort of Ruwanwella

With regard to the Ruwanwella Fort, it is said that the Portuguese, in the 1590s, had a fortified base camp here and the Dutch, in 1665, built a wooden fort here but abandoned it a few years later.

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