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Kotmale Kadadora (Dehadu Kadulla) – කොත්මලේ කඩදොර (දෙහදු කඩුල්ල)

Renovated Dehadu Kadulla also know as Kothmale Kadadora

In the ancient times, there has been 4 main entrances to Kothmale called Kadadora, Watadora, Niyangandora and Galdora. Today only Kadadora entrance remains to be seen. Kadadora is also known as the entrance which prince Gemunu used to enter Kothmale.

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Mahaweli Maha Seya (Kotmale Seya) – කොත්මලේ මහවැලි සෑය

Kothmale Mahaweli Mahaseya

The work of recommencement of the Kotmale Seya (Mahaweli Maha Seya) took place on May 8. Nestling in the picturesque Kotmale valley, the majestic, gigantic 100 feet dome structure adds considerable colour to this scenic atmosphere.

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