Left Balustrade of Panchawasa of Thuparamaya

Unique Balustrade Carvings of Thuparama Panchayatana (ථූපාරාම පංචායතන සුවිශේෂී කොරවක්ගල්)

An exquisitely carved unique pair of Balustrades (Korawakgal) in front of a building belonging to Thuparama Monastery not found anywhere in the Country. Unlike any other, side bas-reliefs are with a forest scene with thatched houses in between sylvan groves which all make separate divisions of the entire panel.

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Sangamiththa Stupa near the Thuparama Stupa in Anuradhapura

Sangamiththa Stupa of Ancient Anuradhapura (අනුරාධපුර සංඝමිත්තා ස්ථුපය)

About one hundred thirty meters to the east of Thuparama Dagoba lies a small stupa identified as the Sangamiththa Stupa. It is said in ancient chronicles that the king Uttiya enshrined the ashes of Arhath Sangamitta Theri to the east of the Thuparama stupa. Archaeologists believe that this is the stupa mentioned in the chronicles.

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