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Sitakotuwa Ella Falls at Gurulupotha – සීතාකොටුව ඇල්ල

Gurulupotha Sitakotuwa Ella Waterfall

The 60m-high Sitakotuwa Ella fall is located in a patch of wood on a historic site called Sita Kotuwa, believed to be linked to the Ravana-Sita saga.

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Kaluwa Wetuna Ella Falls – කලුවා වැටුන ඇල්ල

Kaluwa Wetuna Ella Falls

Kaluwa Wetuna Ella is a 30 meter waterfall lies hidden deep inside the jungle in Hasalaka on the jungle track to its big brother, 101 meter Ratna Falls.

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Sorabora Wewa with a Unique Natural Stone Sluice – සොරබොර වැව

sunrise effects @ Sorabora wewa

Sorabora Weva’s fame lies in the marvelous engineering feat in the ancient sluice cut out of a huge boulder creating a narrow gorge through which the mighty waters of the Sorabora wewa ram into the stone cut sluice.

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Gurulupotha Sita Kotuwa (Seetha Kotuwa) – ගුරුළුපොත සීතා කොටුව

Gurulupotha Sita Kotuwa / Seeta Kotuwa

Descending into the stunning mist-loaded Dumbara valley through the 18 hairpin bends, five miles and 2,000 feet on the eastern scarp of the hill country, has been acclaimed as one of the most striking drives. Many writers have taken time

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Pulukunava Raja Maha Viharaya at Ampara – පුළුකුණාව රජමහා විහාරය

Ampara Pulukunava caves and ancient ruins lies at the boundary of the Galoya scheme on the Ampara – Mahiyangana road is on a large forested hill. On the southern scrap of the hill are a large number of dripledged caves.

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