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Ganthuna Ella Waterfall – ගන්තුන ඇල්ල

Ganthuna Ella

Ganthuna Ella lies off the remote town of Ganthuna in the Kegalle District. The waterfall falls in 3 segments, and largest segment is approximately 20 meters high.

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Eli Hatha Falls in Uda Maliboda – ඇලි හත

Fall number 2 of Eli Hatha -

Height : 100 meters District : Kegalle This 100 meter high Eli Hatha  waterfall is in fact collection of 7 waterfalls on the Naya River on the Sri Pada Nature Reservation. Each fall is identified by a number starting at

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Dotulu Ella Falls – දෝතුලූ ඇල්ල

Dotulu Falls Ella

Height : 83 meters District : Kegalle To reach this 83m high Dotulu Ella Fall, travel from Halwatura Kelle Tea House for 1km, to the west of the Bambaragala area. It is also possible to view the fall from the

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Ellapita Ella Falls at Malimboda, Sri Lanka – ඇල්ලපිට ඇල්ල

Ellapita Ella Falls

This 30 meter Ellapita Ella waterfall lies close to the rural village of Malimboda on the boarder of the Samanala Peak Wilderness Sanctuary.

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