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Tiruketeeswaram Kovil – Mannar

Tiruketeeswaram Kovil – Mannar

Tiruketeeswaram is an ancient Hindu temple in Manthota, about seven miles north of the Mannar Town. According to legend, it was at this ancient temple that Kethu Bhagavan worshiped Lord Siva. Hence the shrine acquired the name of Tiruketeeswaram. This

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Arippu Fort – අරිප්පු බලකොටුව

What remains of the Arippu Fort

Arippu Fort is a small two bastion fort built by the Portuguese just before the causeway at Arippu. This fort was handed over to the Dutch in 1658 after the fall of Mannar. This fort again changed hands to the British.

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Old Thalaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse) තලෙයිමන්නාරම පැරණි ප්‍රදීපාගාරය

Old Thalaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse)

The Old Thalaimannar Lighthouse (Urumalai Lighthouse) is located at that south of the island at the start of the Adams Bridge, the natural sand bank which stretch all the way to India. This area is called Urumalai, thus this is also known as Urumalai Lighthouse.

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New Talaimannar Lighthouse and the Old Pier – තලෙයිමන්නාරම ප්‍රදීපාගාරය

Thalaimannar New Lighthouse

The new Talaimannar lighthouse in was built in 1915 and was 19m high. The tower has not been maintained for during the recent past due to the war situation which existed for the last 30 years.

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Mannar Fort – මන්නාරම් බලකොටුව

Mannar Fort

Built on the island of Mannar in Sri Lanka by the Portuguese in 1560, Mannar Fort surrendered to the Dutch on 22 February 1658 and was rebuilt by the Dutch in 1696. On 5 October 1795 the Dutch surrendered to the British.

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