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Uma Oya Dunhinda Ella Falls – උමා ඔය දුන්හිඳ ඇල්ල

Uma Oya Falls / Uma Oya Dunhida Falls

The Uma Oya Dunhinda Ella / Uma Oya Ella Falls Ella off Godunna is a rather unknown waterfall away from the hustle and bustle in a picturesque landscape on Uma Oya.

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Ettampitiya Gerandi Ella Falls – ඇටම්පිටිය ගැරඬි ඇල්ල

Ettampitiya Gerandi Ella Waterfall in Badulla District

The Garandi Ella of Ettampitiya is a rather unknown waterfall away from the hustle and bustle in a picturesque landscape on the Uma Oya.

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Matale Balakaduwa Ella Falls – මාතලේ බලකඩුව ඇල්ල

Balakaduwa Ella Fall

The name ‘Balakaduwa‘ is said to be a command made by King Walagamba meaning “lookout for the sword.” The king had thrust his sword on the ground and gone for a dip in the waterfall. Afterwards he had left the place forgetting the sword.

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Kurunduwala Ella Falls – කුරුඳුවල ඇල්ල

Kurunduwala Ella Fall

No addtional information is available on this 14 meter high Kurunduwala Ella Falls. The location of the waterfall is based on alltravels.com information.

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Silu Ella Falls – සිළු ඇල්ල

ogimage waterfall

The closest city to the 60m Silu Ella fall is Avissawella, Ratnapura District. Take the Avissawella – Yatiyantota road and the fall is 22 km from Malapola.

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Sera Ella Falls – සේර ඇල්ල

Sera Ella Falls

This beautiful Sera Ella fall, the subject of several poems, is situated in the Dumbara Jungle that is split into two sections, both 10m in height.

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Rathninda (Rathkinda) Ella Falls – රත්නිඳ (රත්කිඳ) ඇල්ල

Rathkinda Lower Fall Photo by Dr. Ashan Geeganage

This 6m Rathninda (Rathkinda) Ella Fall is created by the Rathninda Canal, which is formed in turn by the waters of the Eastern or Kirimetiya Mountain (1175m). In dry spells only a trickle of water is visible.

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Bambarella Saree Ella Falls – බඹරැල්ල සාරි ඇල්ල

Bambarella Saree Ella Falls

Height : 25 meters (approx) District : Kandy Bambarella is one of popular access points to Nuckels mountain range and this area is home to number of waterfalls surrounding Hulu Ganga ( Hulu River) The Bambarella Saree Ella lies 5

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Bambarakiri Ella Falls – බඹරකිරි ඇල්ල

maha bambarakiri falls photo by Dr Ashan Geeganage

Height : 3 meters District : Matale This 3m fall is set among the enchanting evergreen forest of the Knuckles mountain range, the latter of which is said to resemble the fingers of a clenched fist. A suspension bridge spanning

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Andanwala Falls, Hunnasgiriya – ඇඳන්වල ඇල්ල

Andanwala Falls

Height : 12 metres District : Matale Beginning from the Hanguranketha Mountain, and flowing to Suduganga River, the 12m Andanwala Falls is situated in Matale District Ukuwela PS (Provincial Secretariat) Division, in the Laliambe Village. Previously it was a perennial

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Nalanda Gedige at Matale – නාලන්දා ගෙඩිගේ

A Side view of Nalanda Gedige - Nalanda Gedige

Nalanda Gedige is situated one km to the east of the A9 route 20km north of Aluvihare. It is one of a number of remarkable archaeological sites in Sri Lanka that receive few tourists through no limitations of their own.

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Makulatenna Raja Maha Viharaya – මකුලතැන්න රජමහා විහාරය

Makulatenna Raja Maha Viharaya

– Once a King’s Place for Secret Love Affairs – While our ancient kings had consorts, they also had a harem of beauties for the king’s additional sensual pleasures. Still some had love trysts with raving village belles around the

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Fort Macdowall at Matale – මැක්ඩොවල් බලකොටුව

Remains of Fort Macdowall

Fort Macdowall was built by the British in the town of Matale in 1803 as an out post during the Kandian Wars. The fort was named after General Macdowall, who led the expedition to the Kingdom of Kandy, it is one of the few forts build inland.

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