Dutch Reformed Church of Matara

Dutch Reformed Church of Matara (මාතර රෙපරමාදු පල්ලිය)

The Dutch Reformed Church of Matara is nestled within the walls of the historic Matara Fort, initially built by the Dutch. The fortification of Matara took place around five years The building was erected in 1706, according to an inscription over the doorway. During subsequent repairs and improvements this date has been obliterated and another date, that of 1767 is now to be seen.

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Kamburupitiya Ambalama (

Kamburupitiya Ambalama (කඹුරුපිටිය අම්බලම)

Kamburupitiya Ambalama is one such Ambalama built in 1909. This is a comparatively large Ambalama built with Brick and mortar, standing in the centre of the Kamburupitya town. The Ambalama is fully covered. The front is built with a short wall and square and cylindrical pillars the empty space is covered with latticework structures for ventilation. The entrance is on the side.

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Kosgahadola Diya Bubula

Kosgahadola Diya Bubula (කොස්ගහදොළ දිය බුබුල)

The Diya Bubula at Kosgahadola (water spring) lies some distance above the waterfall and the water joins the Kosgahadola steam. Traveling upstream over slippery rocks, it is amazing how a stream of water naturally emerges from a delicate crack in the rock. A small circular tank has been built at that place in later times to surrounding the constantly flowing stream.

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