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Kataboola Ella Falls (Kadiyanlena Ella) – කැටබූල ඇල්ල

Kataboola Falls / Katabula Ella Falls / Kadiyanlena Ella Falls

Kataboola Ella Falls is located in Kadiyanlena village, 10 km away from Nawalapitiya. Thus this waterfall is also called Kadiyanlena Ella Falls.

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Galboda Ella Falls – ගල්බොඩ ඇල්ල

Galboda Ella Falls

Height : 30 meters District : Nuwara Eliya The Galboda Ella Fall (aka Galaboda Ella Falls) originates from the Galboda Canal (also known as the Hanguranketha River), in the Central Province wet zone. Annual rainfall here exceeds 4500mm, 60% of the

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Diyathiri Ella Falls – දියතිරි ඇල්ල

Diyathiri Ella Falls

Height :  30 meters District : Nuwara Eliya The source of the Diyathiri Ella waterfall is a tributary of the Maha Oya (river), which springs from a height of 1574m on the north-west slope of Gentry Box Mountain. After the

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Ambagamuwa Inscriptions – අඹගමුව සෙල් ලිපි

Ambagamuwa inscriptions

Ambagamuwa inscription is considered as one of the main sources of information in Polonnaruwa Era. The inscription has been made on the 36th year of King Vijayabahu I (1070-1110).

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