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Hollombuwa Sthreepura Cave Temple – හොළොම්බුව “ස්ත්‍රීපුර” රජමහා විහාරය

Have you ever felt like you have been immersed in the green comfort of a countryside? You may think that I am talking of Knuckles or the Sinharaja forest But strangely sometimes these luxuries come very close to home and

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Dedigama’s Elephant Lamp – An Ingenious Creation

Dedigama is world famous for its elephant lamp. Two of these lamps similar in design were found buried in the relic chamber of the Sutighara Cetiya of Dedigama. This unique archaeological exhibit, gives an insight into the advanced state of

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Dedigama Kota Vehera [2] – දැඩිගම කොට වෙහෙර

If you take the right turn at the Nelundeniya junction and travel less than two miles, on your right side will loom the unmistakable mound of the Sutighara Cetiya, more popularly known as the Kota Vehera, at Dedigama. In the

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Dedigama Kota Vehera (Suthigara Chethiya) – දැඩිගම කොට වෙහෙර

This stupa has been built by king Parakramabahu the Great ( 1153-1186) as a memorial on the location he was born. In 1070 prince Vijayabahu defeated the Chola invaders who ruled Polonnaruwa and brought the country under a single ruler.

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Menikkadawara Fort of the Portuguese – මැණික්කඩවර බලකොටුව

This original rare old antique engraved print from: “Oud en Nieuw Oost-Indiën” by François Valentyn / Valentijn, published in 1724-1726. l source : lankapura.com

Archeology Department board of the Fort at Menikkadawara, stood on the side of the road, but hardly was there any other indication of an ancient site.A few shops and a sub post office made a very tiny bazaar.

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