Ruins of Puliyankulama Pabbata Viharaya in Anuradhapura as seen in 1896.

Ruins of Puliyankulama Pubbarama Pabbata Viharaya in Anuradhapura (අනුරාධපුර පුලියන්කුලම පබ්බත විහාරය පුරාවිද්‍යා නටබුන්)

Puliyankulama (Puliyankulam) Pubbarama is an ancient Buddhist monastery made in the form of a pabbata vihara architecture lying on the outskirts of Anuradhapura on the Anuradhapura – Rambewa road (towards Jaffna),.

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Ruins of the Pacina Tissa Pabbatha Viharaya in Anuradhapura

Pacina Tissa Pabbata Viharaya Ruins in Anuradhapura (අනුරාධපුර පාචීන තිස්ස පබ්බත විහාරය නටබුන්)

Ruins of the Pacina Tissa Pabbata Viharaya (Pachina Tissa Pabbata Viharaya) lies hidden from view beside the high level sluice of the Nuwarawewa Reservoir. Until recently this site was referred to as the Palace of Prince Saliya due to lack of understanding of the significance of these buildings.

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Ruins of Pankuliya Asokaramaya Temple

Asokaramaya : Pankuliya Buddha Statue (අසෝකාරාමය : පන්කුලිය සමාධි බුද්ධ ප්‍රතිමාව)

Asokaramaya is located in a beautiful surrounding in the village of Pankuliya. This is a fairly unknown site to the average pilgrim but has one of the best carved Buddha statues in the country today. This statute equals the quality of the famous Samadhi Statue and the Tholuvila statue (which is now kept in the Colombo museum).

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