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Monument of the Battle of Randeniwela – රන්දෙනිවෙල පෘතුගීසි සංහාරය

The commemoration monument where the Battle of Randeniwela took place

The Battle of Randeniwela is the fist mass scale defeat of the Portuguese equipped with superior firepower. The total army Portuguese army was wiped out by the Sinhalese Forces expect to few.

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Defeat of Portuguese at the Battle of Gannoruwa

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It is during the reign of King Buwaneka Bahu VII 1525-1551 that the Portuguese involvement in the internal affairs of Kotte and Seethawaka became pronounced. The Portuguese were involved in the wars that were waged by King Buwaneka Bahu against his brother, Mayadunne, King of Seethawaka.

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