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Wilpattu National Park – විල්පත්තු ජාතික වනෝද්‍යානය

Wilpattu National Park

Size 131,693 hectares Main attractions Leopards, Elephants, spotted Deer, Sambur, Wild Bow, Crocodiles, Water Buffalo, Peacocks and many migratory birds. Situated 180 km from Colombo, and about 40 km from Anuradhapura Wilpattu National park is the largest wild life sanctuary

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Thonigala Inscriptions at Anamaduwa තෝනිගල සෙල්ලිපිය – ආනමඩුව

Thonigala Inscriptions at Anamaduwa

There are number of places called Thonigala (Tonigala) in Sri Lanka. Two of them have the same historical significance. One of the Thonigala is located on the Vaunia – Horowpathana Road which is famed for the rock inscription which describes

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St. Anne’s Church Thalawila – තලවිල ශාන්ත ආනා දෙව්මැදුර

St. Anne’s Church -Talawila

No matter what religion you follow, St. Anne’s Church in Talawila is one of the most ancient and wonderful of all Christian shrines in Sri Lanka. Founded in the epicentre of tradition and holiness, thousands of pilgrims flock during the

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Paramakanda Cave Temple at Anamaduwa – ආනමඩුව පරමකන්ද රජමහා විහාරය

Anamaduwa Paramakanda Cave Temple

The historic Paramakanda Temple and the cave monastery lies on the majestic and mysterious Paramakanda Rock in Anamaduwa belonging to the Putlam District. The ruins indicate that the once the complex covered the whole rock formation. The cave temple is

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Dutch Fort of Kalpitiya – කල්පිටිය බලකොටුව

The Dutch Fort of Kalpitiya

At the extreme tip of the Kalpitiya is the Kalpitiya Fort, built in 1667, on the spot where the Portuguese had a stockade and a Jesuit chapel. The fort is is now a Sri Lankan Navy base.

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