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Rambadagalla [2] – Re-creating the Bamiyan Treasures in Sri Lanka

Kurunegala Rambadagalla Vihara

We were all devastated when a millennia old heritage was ruthlessly vandalised in Bamiyan by the Taliban back in 2001. It was a sacrilege against Buddhism. But sometimes good things can come out of even atrocities. Upon hearing about the

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Rambadagalla Viharaya at Kurunegala – කුරුණෑගල රම්බඩගල්ල විහාරය

World's Largest Sedentary Buddha Statue carved out of Granite at Rambodagalla Viharaya in Kurunegala

The rise of a Bamiyan Buddha in Ridigama In the tranquil village of Rambadagalla in Ridigama in the Kurunegala District, a huge stone sculpture is taking shape. This is no ordinary sculpture but one modeled on the Bamiyan Buddha in

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