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Moonstone – සඳකඩ පහන

The moonstone is a permanent feature of the buddhist building of all historical periods. This is a semi circular piece of stone which stood at the foot of a flight of steps in most buddhist buildings. Although the moonstone is generally semi circular, Sometimes you can come across square moonstones. It is thought that the moon stones originated as blank square stone and later developed in to a semi circular shape.

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Moonstone at Mahasen Maligaya (Anuradhapura) – සඳකඩ පහන

Mahasen Maligaya - The Building where the moonstone is located

Unknown to many, this moonstone lies at the entrance of a ruined building just behind the Ratnaprasada in Anuradhapura. This site is seems to be rarely visited without even a visible footpath. The most popular moonstone among the pilgrims and tourists lies on the building called Biso Maligaya. According to a plaque installed by the Department of Archeology, This moonstone is the most exquisite artistic creation of a moonstone found in Sri Lanka according to Prof. Senarath Paranawithana.

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