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Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella Falls – තුංමෝදර රන්මුදු ඇල්ල

Thunmodara Ranmudu Ella

This 15m fall in Thunmodara in Hanwella is is situated 48 km from Colombo. The waterfall is a popular bathing location for those around Colombo and its popularity has made it victim for its own success.

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Kumari Ella Falls – කුමාරි ඇල්ල

Kumari Ella Falls

According to folklore, the Kumari Ella Fall derives its name from King Sitawake Rajasinhe’s daughter, Kumari, as she is said to have drowned in the water.

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Dambora Ella Falls – දම්බොර ඇල්ල

Dambora Ella Falls

Height : 10 meters District : Colombo Dambora Ella Fall (10m in height) is created by a waterway of the Wakoya River and was formerly known as Demala Falls as the Tamil (Dravidian/Demala) labourers used to wash here. Dambora Falls is

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