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Sithulpawwa Magul Maha Viharaya – සිතුල්පව්ව මගුල් මහා විහාරය

Sithulpawwa Magul Maha Viharaya

Sithulpawwa Magul Maha Viharaya is a cave temple complex with has been dated to 2nd century BC and it is believed that the King Devanamapiyatissa and Queen Viharamahadevis marriage was consummated.

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Tissa Wewa at Tissamaharama – තිස්සමහාරාම තිස්ස වැව

Tissa Wewa at Tissamaharama

The First Oblique Dam in the world The Tissa Wewa is one of the four large ancient irrigation tanks in the area and is believed to be constructed the 3rd Century BC by King Yatala Tissa, or regional king Maha

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Tissamaharama Rajamaha Viharaya – තිස්සමහාරාම විහාරය

Tissamaharama Rajamaha Viharaya built by regional king Mahanaga in the 3rd century BC

This massive Tissamaharama Stupa (Tissamaharamaya) is believed to be built by King Mahanaga in the 3rd century BC or King Kavanthissa in the 1st century BC and is the largest stupa in the ancient southern kingdom.

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Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya – සිතුල්පව්ව රජමහා විහාරය

sithulpawwa rajamaha viharaya

Situated in Kirinda in Hambanthota District, Sithulpawwa Rajamaha Viharaya has also being called Chiththala Pabbatha in the ancient texts. Stone Inscriptions has identified this location as “Chithala Paawatha Vehera”. This temple complex is attributed to King Kavanthissa who ruled southern area

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Debarawewa Pashchimarama Rajamaha Viharaya – දෙබරවැව පශ්චිමාරාම රජමහා විහාරය

Pashchimarama Rajamaha Viharaya

Debarawewa Pashchimarama Rajamaha Viharaya is situated on the bank of Kirindi Oya, by the side of the Weerawila-deberawewa main road. Construction of this temple is attributed to King Mahanaga of the 3 rd century BC. This was an important temple, very

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Debarawewa Menik Vehera – දෙබරවැව මැණික් රජමහා විහාරය

Debarawewa Menik Rajamaha Viharaya

Menik Vehera situated within close proximity to Yatala Stupa is not large in size. It was restored in 1894 keeping to the original shape. This stupa is also attributed to King Mahanaga. Henry Parker believes that it was constructed by King Dutugemunu.

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Kirinda Viharamahadevi Raja Maha Viharaya – කිරින්ද රජමහා විහාරය

Kirinda Raja Maha viharaya

A fisherman roaming the sea-coast spied a strange craft cast ashore at a spot called Dovera, near Kirinda. Coming nearer, he beheld the princess and forthwith carried the news to the king of the southern kingdom of Rohana – where Kavantissa ruled at Magama

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