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Dharma Gunawardena Muhandiram Memorial – Leading Buddhist of revival period now forgotten

The neglected Dharma Gunawardena Muhandiram Memorial

Colonel Henry Steele Olcott wrote in 1890 that: One of our very best and most beloved Buddhist Colleagues, A. P. Dharma Gunawardene, Muhandiram, lay dying. He was in his 80th year,

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Mahaoya Hot Springs – මහඔය උනු දිය ලිං

Mahaoya Hot Springs

Mahaoya Hot Springs is located about 2km off Mahaoya town. This is said to be the hottest spring of all the hot springs on Sri Lanka. Here you will find well maintained 7 wells with different temperatures. The temperature of

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Kanniya Hot Water Wells at Trincomalee – කන්නියා උනු වතුර ලිං

Kanniya Hot Water Wells

Kanniya Hot Water wells has now become a popular attraction for those who visit Trincomalee now that the LTTE Terrorists which controlled this area has been completely wiped out. There are 7 hot springs now converted to bathing wells. The

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The Great Hall of Independence

The Great Hall of Independence

Though many of the leaders who fought for our independence might now be no more, with the remnants of colonial times fast dwindling, there are only but a few tangible elements which are left to remind us of that monumental

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Historic Bellanwila Rajamaha Vihara

Main Hall of Bellanwila Rajamaha Vihara

Miraculous and Marvelous temple referred to as the Bellanwila Rajamaha Viharaya, with a heritage of glorious history, stands out as the most historic and significant among the many temples in the island today. Situated on the Dehiwela-Maharagama road about two

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